The Deep Feminine


Dear Editor,

The Deep Feminine [Lightsmith interview, February 2010] – there it is, right in front of me, moving up from the unconscious. I have been going to Lightsmith for years and now the Deep Feminine. On a mental level, this sounds like using my intuition – the feminine side of me as a man that I know I have, OK! But what if the deep feminine is not a concept of the mind? What if it is something else? What if I get to know the deep feminine through an a-ha moment?

The teachings say that the deep dark feminine is unseen, unknown and not “in form.” The way the masculine works with it is to trust the unknown and unseen, even though it is invisible.

What if the feminine appears “in form” by informing the masculine and trusting that its information will be followed?

I was awakened to this the other day as I was preparing to cut up carrots for cooking. I reached into my 10-pound bag to pull out the carrots. I grabbed a handful and placed them on the table. I reached in again to get some more to add to the first handful.

I proceeded to cut them up in the food processor and realized that, again, I had too many carrots to cook and store. I had been telling myself that I was going to find a way to not repeat this experience and grab the right amount the first time.

I then realized that I had grabbed the right amount the first time – but added more to it. With this first handful, I was informed by the feminine in a physical way, just grabbing exactly what I needed.

I had noticed this in passing but had overridden the feminine with my mind and had taken the action of grabbing the next handful. I may have described taking the second handful as a “mindless” act, but the mind is so quick and the decision so automatic that I hadn’t realized until now that I overridden the feminine with the mind.

The mind would say, “How could the body know without measuring? That is just nonsense!” Well, it’s not logical, but it would have worked if I had followed the feminine. This experience illustrates how subtle and simple it all is. I will be relaxing my mind and tuning in more after this.

If they are to work well together, the masculine and feminine are to honor and respect each other. Life would be a lot easier and more efficient. Well, at least the right amount of carrots would be prepared.

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Tom Guyette is a multidimensional healer who became interested in the unseen through sound and radio at an early age. He was educated in electronics, biomedical and software engineering and medicine. He has always had a practical hands-on approach to add to learned theory. Out of an experience of much loss he was drawn to spirituality for healing. After that, intuitive gifts and healing abilities opened for him. Tom offers Space Clearing, Individual and Group Channeled Healing, Personal Energy Enhancements and Energy Healing, Psychic Readings, Messages from the Dead. Services are available in my office, at your location or over the phone.



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