You Have a Choice: Love or Fear


This is the sixth in a series of eight articles based on The Eight Principles of Inner Peace as channeled by the Light Collective through renowned intuitive Kathryn Harwig. These principles are simple, yet profound, and apply to all beings in the cosmos. The essence of all eight principles is inner peace and personal empowerment – the powerful ability of humans to create the world of their choosing.

Most people believe we have many emotions, but we learn from Principle Six that there are two basic emotions, love and fear. The closer you can come to identifying your emotions as love or fear, the closer you are to determining which emotion is driving you.

Fear is a very powerful fuel, but love is a much more powerful emotion. If fifty people are love based, they can cancel 5,000 fear-based people.

Fear affects your whole life and is the cause of the majority of health problems. One of the secrets to a happy and healthy life is to have no fear. With your mind free of fear, you have additional time and energy to devote to your life’s missions.

You can master your emotions, but you must first acknowledge that you are capable of doing so. Most of us have been taught that we are not in control of our emotions, so we say, “This person has made me so angry,” as opposed to “I choose to be angry because this person has said this.” It’s a minor but very important distinction. Realize that no one can force you – and no thing can force you – to feel a fear-based emotion.

Many people are more comfortable being angry than they are of being fearful, believing that anger has power. But anger is a fear emotion. When you are angry, there is always fear of something. When you use anger, it’s wise to say, “I know that anger is a fear emotion, and I can choose to be fearful, but at least I can acknowledge that that is what it is.”

Hate is a fear emotion. When we say we hate a person or thing, we are saying in some fashion, “I am afraid of something having to do with this person or thing.” To solve hate in our society, it is important for each of us as individuals and as a society to ask, “What is it I am afraid of?” By determining what you are afraid of, you can address it.

Depression is a fear emotion – fear you have lost something, will lose something, or something will not return to you. Anxiety also is a fear emotion. In this case, we often can’t put a name to our specific fear.

Circumstances can elicit sadness. Sadness and emptiness never serve a higher purpose. All higher purposes are aided by love and joy. When you are feeling sad, first ask, “Is there anything I can do to change the circumstance? If not, is there a way I can feel joy and live in this position?” There is a positive way to view all things.

How do you get over fear? First acknowledge that it exists. Don’t see it as something other than fear. When you say you are nervous or apprehensive, you are fearful. There are many fear emotions and they can highly motivate and drive your thought process, but usually with a large cost to you.

The Light Collective says, “If we were to leave you with one suggestion, it would be that every day you are presented with numerous opportunities to make choices. The greatest gift that your planet has is free will, emotion and choices. So today, as in all days, you will have a choice to respond in a love-based or a fear-based fashion. Each time you choose to respond and to act in a love-based fashion, you are changing the world. You are more powerful than you can ever imagine, and we thank you for this, as you are aiding our species and all species that are based on love.”

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Dorothy Lee
Dorothy Lee - an author, educator, speaker and trainer - is the founding director of "Spiritual Insights," an educational cooperative whose sole purpose is to help spiritual seekers live in joy through inner peace and personal empowerment. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Education, a Master's Degree in Guidance & Counseling, and has completed post-graduate work in Psychology. A retired teacher, she is now a presenter at conferences throughout the country, including the Edge Life Expos. She is the author of Invest in Joy and The 8 Principles to Inner Peace. Visit Contact her at [email protected] or call 763.497.0549.


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