New online Q & A on Alexander material


The inaugural issue of “Ask Alexander!” – a question and answer section of the Alexander Material – is now available online at It features Alexander’s insights on crop circles, transgenderism, the after-death experience; universal architecture; brain wiring; probable worlds; and earth changes.

Alexander has been channeled by Ramón Stevens for over 20 years. Eric Leskowitz, M.D., of Harvard Medical School, recently noted, “The collected teachings of Alexander contain the most accessible explanations of the mechanics of health, illness and life on this planet that I have yet encountered. The processes and techniques he first described 20 years ago are now being validated by modern scientific research, and suggest that he has presented a blueprint for ‘how it works’ that can be utilized by all of us.” Many readers compare the Alexander Material to the Seth Material by the late Jane Roberts. Indeed, her husband, Rob Butts, endorsed the Alexander Material and wrote, “Alexander gives fresh insights into what is probably the oldest, most basic set of questions we mortals struggle with.”

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