The Journey to Being of Service


    When people find out that I am a professional pet sitter, they usually have one of three reactions: Their eyes roll back; they giggle; and then the usual words are: “Can someone really make enough money to live on doing that.”

    I am really not much into conflict, but I want it read right here that pet sitting and dog walking and dog training and everything else I do with animals is a means to my very selfish wants. I have found what makes me happy, and that is being of service to people and their animals. It is a wonderful combination for me.

    My favorite thing that causes me to do the Happy Dance is when one of my clients tells me, in alarm, that they have to stay after at work and they really need me to help them. Could I please feed and water Brutus? No problem and no worries, I always tell them!

    “Wow, you are the best” is always the response.

    I am of service to them and I get to spend some time helping out that family to let them know they are not alone in the world. I love it!

    When you are called to serve, you can not turn your back on the demographic that you serve. I serve companion animals – dogs and cats – but I am starting to get more equine clients, also. I love these animals. When I serve, I must remain loyal to their owners and be in a team-ascending parallel with the people or source energy that is being served.

    While I have some down time, I will just share my dream for you, reading these words, that you also will be called to serve.

    To find out who you need to serve, you must first find out who you are. Be appreciative for every tiny thing that happens to you or has ever happened to you. Every single action in your life has led up to this point, when you find out your Life’s Purpose. Animals were always in my life, but I was most interested in showing the horses and dogs on our South Dakota farm. I did not really see the point in trail riding or even riding for pleasure as a child. Now, I have a goal to devote my time to the animals and ensure their needs are met to the highest possible good of service, with pleasure in my heart and deed. I love this new way of life and I hope it continues until my next new life’s purpose is discovered.

    To continue on to my next life’s purpose, I will need to be inspired. I am sure my purpose will definitely include companion animals, but maybe in another capacity. My library is filled with books for inspiration. I just have a few quotes here that you may have to start your own library to call upon while you begin your journey to find your place in this world.

    • Gandhi said, “The fragrance always remains on the hand that gives the rose.”
    • Anthony Robbins said, “Only those who have learned the power of sincere and selfless contribution experience life’s deepest joy: true fulfillment.”
    • Emily Dickinson wrote, “If I can stop one heart from breaking, I shall not live in vain; If I can ease one life the aching, Or cool one pain, Or help one fainting robin Up to his nest again, I shall not live in vain.”

    Good luck on your journey to be of service. It is the ride of life and it keeps going – and you, my friend, will be smiling from head to toe the whole way.

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    Lisa Sellman
    Lisa Sellman is an Animal Communicator, Dog Trainer, Animal Totem Reader, and Pet Care Professional. Her website is and phone is 952.466.3364. She loves helping people with their dogs and spends her free time with her own wonderful pup, Ally Mae.


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