Finding Balance in Your Life

    Healing often happens best not by trying to influence an external person, event or situation, but by looking internally to see why we want to change an external person, event or situation. Identifying our own inner issue that is being brought up and ignited by the external world is the first step in healing it. When we heal something within ourselves, that same motion of healing resonates to the outer world. In this fashion, our outer world changes because we have changed our inner world.

    But is everything within us really ours?

    Sometimes energies that we are ready to release present themselves to us as repetitive thoughts, heightened or frequently reoccurring emotions, or even physical sensations. The energies are speaking to us in the only way they can. They do not mean to harm us. But they are no longer in tune with who we are. Therefore their presence causes discomforts, such as brain chatter, repetitive thoughts, emotions or physical unease.

    We notice these things and feel that there is an issue within us. And we assume that we must somehow heal, fix or change the emotion, thoughts or physical sensation. But in my experience, the energies are merely attempting to get our attention so that we will release them. They may not be perfect, but they are ready to move on.

    That which is not ours to heal we cannot heal. That which is not ours to change we cannot change. When we continue to try, we merely hold those people, energies or situations back from their own developmental process of learning and evolving. This is true even when we hold onto an energy or emotion in order to try to make someone safe.

    That which does not vibrate accurately with us is not in tune with us. It is therefore in dissonance with us. Other people’s energies, just like clothing, seldom fit us accurately. Part of our healing journey is to learn to recognize all those energies that are not in tune with us, be they thoughts, emotions or physical sensations in the body. Upon recognizing that what we are experiencing is not always based upon energies that are in tune with us, we have the privilege of releasing those energies and allowing them to move onto wherever they need to be now. And should an energy relate directly to another person, know that the energy, once released, is gifted into the arms of that person’s guardian angel.

    Why the Soul wants to Embrace the Body
    Each of us, simply by our physical presence, brings a quality of energy to the world. Each of us merely being present changes the world. Releasing those energies which are not ours to hold onto or to heal is one of the greatest ways that we can be of service to humanity. It allows our Soul to more fully embrace our body. The more our physical form is engaged with our soul, the farther our unique tone and quality of presence moves out into the world. The availability of our unique tone in the world serves as a remembrance to others of who they truly are.

    Healing as a Service to Others
    The larger patterns that we each struggle to heal throughout our lifetime, such as addiction, anger or unworthiness, often seem insurmountable and overwhelming. This can happen when we fail to recognize and to release those aspects of the pattern that we have come to completion with. We assume that if something doesn’t feel perfect, then it isn’t healed.

    But what if we have healed some pieces or aspects of a pattern as far as we are able to heal the pattern now? Does it not make sense that these smaller pieces and their related energies would be ready to move on from our body, mind and heart? But instead of releasing them, we see instead the unfinished business of healing the larger life-long pattern.

    In doing so, we grab onto all of the pieces of the pattern, keeping them close to us. And we slow our own process of change, because we stop these pieces from moving on to wherever they need to be in order to follow their own evolutionary process. Naturally, the tighter we hold onto them, the more strongly they demonstrate that they are no longer in tune with us. And our thought patterns become chattery and repetitive, our emotions overflow and our bodies ache.

    When we hold onto these old pieces, it also becomes very hard for the next layer of the larger pattern to emerge and make itself known to us. In this way, we oftentimes get stuck, believing that all the healing work we are doing is in vain.

    A typical question I hear might be: “I’ve been working with anger for so long, and why haven’t I gotten anywhere with it?”

    And I would point out that you have created healing around the issue, but you didn’t know it. All those chattery thoughts, emotions or odd physical sensations may be energies relating to the old pieces of the larger pattern of anger. As they have learned all that they can from you, and you have learned all that you can from them, their vibration and your vibration have grown apart.

    You now experience them as energies that are out of tune with your body. And your psychic wiring picks them up as mind chatter, emotions and even uncomfortable physical sensations.

    Whenever you notice repeated thoughts, overly large expressions of emotions or even physical aches and pains, try asking them: “Is this me?” “Is this mine?” “Is this me right now?” And to whatever extent you have completed the healing with the small pieces of the pattern, you will feel a shift in the thought, emotion or physical sensation. Simply by asking the question you are giving permission for the energies relating to old pieces of the pattern to go and continue on with their own journey.

    And thus you can continue on with your own journey.

    This article is based on Norma’s podcast Meditation “How much of what you believe is yours to heal is actually yours to heal?” offered freely here.

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    Norma Gentile, with Archangel Michael
    Norma Gentile, sound shaman, is a natural intuitive and channel for Mary, Archangel Michael and the Hathors. She maintains a private healing practice, offering sessions in English and Spanish, as well as singing healing concerts and teaching workshops. Her CDs of live sound healings, Songs of Spirit, is available at and iTunes. To see and hear her sound healings, articles and podcasts go to her website


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