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We eat to consume life force. This is the only reason! Our body is a transmutation of sunlight, air and living rainwater and dew. It is through the atomically charged conveyance that we become sustainable. For how long depends upon the amount of light and sound wavicles that are within the unseen air we breathe and the hydration and food materials we choose to masticate and swallow that discharge to our human form life currency called energy.

So why are you eating dead food?

Yes, you are.

How often do you consume from a bag, box or bottle? You are supping on the remains of a once-pulsating carrier of the life power. Why not take it to a higher level and consume secondary sunlight and rainwater by eating vegetation? It is tertiary when you eat the muscle of a vegetable-eating animal, yet another additional step away from the source. Some eat sunlight directly. It takes practice. You can read about a team of skeptical scientists who followed Hira Ratan Manek around for 10 years []. He rarely eats solid food.

The closer you can get to consuming water that has bubbled out of the ground, the better. The vibrancy you feel from this is the force field inherent in natural raw elements. That proximity is our quest and goal as consumers. Most of us do not plug ourselves into the wall at night to recharge. We must get it from a supply that is free standing. Are you listening? I said free.

Closing the gap between the earth resonance and the food mass that carries it for you to chew and swallow is in proportion to the power and vitality granted you. This is where the ox and the horse get their strength. These large mammals do not require fourth-stage food sources – animal muscle meat of animals that eat other animals – that are the lowest on the ladder of consumable substance. Now, we are three steps down from the power station. Mother Nature has her inarguable law. KFC and Coca-Cola are literally eating our hearts out when we support them. Why? Because we are left starving. Our cells cannot re-energize on microwaved, fried and lifeless carbonated substance. Our cells require animated, living food and clean, clear water to regenerate and replace the cells that make our magnificent bodies.

If we eat lions who eat zebras who eat grasses that eat humates from the organic vegetation that is decomposed, that soaks up hydration directly from the sky, we will get the very least of our basic needs met. Instead we can choose to start on the other end of the chain and consume from electrically charged photonic ions up; then we will become super beings. Yes, if you walk barefooted on the ground regularly, if you let the sunlight bathe you and pull poisons from you (sun cancer is surfacing deep cancer from within) you will be directly fed and helped. Freely.

Eat from as close to the earth’s hand, the point of growing, as you can. Stop heating and turning the food to the color of death: brown, black, gray or beige. This is a clue to its lifelessness. Eat life as directly as you can.

Use a blender, a Vitamix, a chopping board, a juicer and your teeth. Think of spring and summer colors and texture. Choose vibrancy and turgid cell resemblances. Ask yourself “Is it limp, slimy? Is it the color of compost? Or best, would it grow if you put it in the soil and watered it and gave it sunlight?” If not, do not eat it!

Metamorphasize yourself out of low energy, early menopause, chronic pain, creaky necks and poor memories. Fuel yourself with the high octane of life. By doing this you will have to get younger. Your cells renew to a youthful, perfect formation as disease, with such grand amounts of oxygen and light, shrivel and die.

Live with life current coursing through your veins and lungs. It is freely given to you.

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Dr. Bridget Bagley
Bridget Bagley, N.D., is an Iridologist, Herbologist and "Youngologist." She is author of Live as if Eternal, giving education on raw and alkaline foods, sun gazing, accelerating the rate of MHZ, thus bridging the old bodies into a progressed silicate form of advanced character. For information on Monthly Classes, call 952.473.1234 or visit


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