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The most prevalent question I’ve been asked during my 30+ years of practice is, “Why do I need a colonic since I have regular daily bowel movements?”

My response is usually “How much of your (5 ft. colon) do you eliminate daily?” At that point, most people get an “ah-ha” and begin pondering the implications of how much food they are accumulating daily vs. how much is eliminated!

I lived and practiced Colonic Therapy in California for 20 years and recall how utterly shocked I was when I first started my practice here. The enormous consumption of sugar, dairy, meat and white processed flour/foods amazed me, since so many folks were leading a relatively healthy life, in spite of their S.A.D. diet. My inner voice reminded me, “There but for the Grace of God, go I.”

Admittedly, many folks here are very blessed with great genetics; there is just so much abuse a body can take.

Simply put, the colon is a muscle which accommodates us by stretching, as needed. Hence, a toxic buildup is stored in our organs, blood stream, lymphatic system, brain, glands, muscles, tissues and cells. Typical symptoms of toxicity are colds, acne, infections, halitosis, headaches, brain fog, constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating, irregularity, poor digestion, irritability, lethargy, yeast overgrowth…to name just a few.

The problem becomes multidimensional, because everything is connected at some level of our being.

The body is only as strong as it’s foundation, and a clean colon is foundational to a vibrant body and balanced mind.

A colonic is a very simple procedure that is painless, efficient and confidential. When used in conjunction with herbal cleanses and detox programs, it is most useful. It is a simple procedure of introducing purified water into the colon, which is then released into a closed plumbing system eliminating odor or mess. The client is covered at all times. A colonic lasts approximately 45 minutes, although an hour is scheduled.

Colon cleansing is not new. Many ancient civilizations practiced and taught the efficacy and importance of clearing out wastes, from ancient Sumeria to Egypt, but more recently Hippocrates recorded their use in 500 B.C. (For more detailed info, please search the Internet.)

Cleansing the colon and eating raw vital organic foods simply enables us to deal more efficiently with the obvious onslaught of environmental stresses, as well as more subtle negative energies.

Now, more than ever before in the history of our planet, we need to be as purified and clear as possible. Detoxing our bodies and minds adds to the collective raising of the consciousness of our planet.

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Carol Edel
Carol Edel, CCT, is a Certified Colonic Therapist who received Certification from Arizona State Holistic Institute and has been involved in Holistic Healing, Self Transformation, Metaphysics and Spirituality for more than 40 years. She is dedicated to assisting her clients reach their healing goals through awareness of diet, detoxification, and the mind/body connection. Also available: ION Cleanse Footbath, Detoxifying Garments and Herbal Body Wraps. Discount packages available. Her Colon Hydrotherapy office is part of the Eco-Healing Center at the Ecopolitan Building at 2409 Lyndale Ave. S., Minneapolis. For an appointment or more info, call 952.474.2627 or email [email protected].


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