Optimal Timing

Five years ago I began the process of selling a home. My partner and I had purchased a building for our business and we needed proceeds from the sale to cover temporary financing of the new property. Days went by, then weeks passed with little buyer interest. We grew concerned as weeks became months and it became apparent that the housing market was heading downward. We let our listing expire, made some cosmetic changes to the home and eventually re-listed it with a different agent.

Again, response was so minimal that I wondered if style, quality and location really mattered since I thought we had them all, and still we waited. All together, the better part of a year passed before we received news of an offer. The offer was some distance from our asking price, but we were finally able to negotiate an agreement. Ten months for sale, one serious buyer. Still, one was all we needed.

I tell this story because of what we recognized in hindsight. The building we purchased needed more work than we expected, taking months to remodel. Our business operated out of our home and needed to continue until the building was ready. In our heads we had our plans mapped out, but rather than trusting the cues life provided, we were driven more by a nervous urgency based in money fears and “what-ifs.” Eventually we were able to see that we had been fully supported all along and that everything arranged as needed when it best served us.

We on this planet are experiencing rapid transformation of almost everything. Sometimes we explore esoteric material and think we know what is taking place, yet I expect we are seeing only a tiny part of a very large story. We might act as if we know what needs to happen, but are we really able to plan our lives or those of anyone else? Perhaps a better option is to be present as life unfolds in the moment without insisting on a clue as to where we’re headed. If we can’t see the big picture, it seems counter-productive to try controlling outcomes. I understand the fear of not knowing and the desire to control outcomes, but I’m not sure that control ever worked – and it certainly doesn’t in the new consciousness. Life is in charge, life knows the whole story and life provides what is needed in optimal timing.

Relaxing into a different way of navigating the flow seems to be the practice of the day. The new consciousness requires receptivity, not control. At first it may seem like trust, but it’s really more of a conscious relationship with creation. This new living field is responsive to needs for soul fulfillment, and the field knows what they are. Becoming receptive opens the pathways for attraction and the guidance for any action needed. The feminine first asks us to listen deeply and be receptive before proceeding into the more active steps, which seems to be a perfectly logical approach, but it has been mostly ignored in duality as forms grew out of fear and excessive needs to control outcomes.

Those of us evolving out of duality have had much to undo before moving on to our next experience. Perhaps like many of you, I have grown tired of all the processing and a bit impatient to get on with things. My human self is still challenged at times, learning to breathe its way through the changes. At least I’m now aware that I’m not in charge of the timing, because I know there is a larger story and a larger timing of which I am a part. That realization does help me to know that all is well and that I can relax out of years of feeling hyper-responsible for my experience and that of others.

Now I come full circle from the selling process that began five years ago. We are settled in our building, and have rented a house for the last four years. We are now feeling the impulse to purchase our own home and began the search several weeks ago. Our process has taught us a lot about who we are and what we need, which guides our discernment when looking at properties. I never thought that finding just the right place would be such a challenge, but you can bet I’m staying receptive even as I scour the real estate websites looking for the perfect match. I can feel Life preparing to deliver, and I’ll let you know when we need a hand with the boxes.



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