Reconnective Kids: An interview with Dr. Eric Pearl


“My parents always told me I was something else, but this was probably not what they had in mind.” – Dr. Eric Pearl

Dr. Eric Pearl walked away from one of the most successful chiropractic practices in Los Angeles when he and others started witnessing miraculous healings. Since that time, he has committed himself to imparting the light and information of the Reconnective Healing process through extensive lectures and seminars about “The Reconnection.” Dr. Pearl’s work is being studied throughout the world and his book, The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself, has been translated in 30 languages. To date he has taught more than 40,000 Reconnective Healing Practitioners in more than 60 countries.

I recently interviewed Dr. Eric Pearl at the 8th annual Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles.

Dr. Eric Pearl
What is The Reconnection?
Dr. Eric Pearl:
The Reconnection, based on what is being demonstrated and the research being done, seems to be a new level of healing that we have not had on the planet before. The Reconnection allows us to completely transcend our energy healing techniques; not having to learn any complicated steps or worrying about moving your hands clockwise, or counterclockwise, pulling up, or pulling down. At the same time as it allows us to transcend the techniques, it allows us to access much, much more.

For example, little Demitrios from Thessaloniki, Greece, had cerebral palsy and couldn’t walk or speak and was scheduled for surgery, and after one session with the healing he now walks, plays and runs. His father is a prominent M.D., and his mother a nurse practitioner. Both parents, along with his physical therapist, speech therapist and occupational therapist, attended the seminars to learn how to do it after they saw Demitrios’ healing.

The funny thing is that there’s a challenge for adults in learning this work, and the challenge for adults is the ego that they’ve developed over the years. They like to come into the seminars and say, “Well, I don’t need to take the first level.” Or, “I’m already advanced. I’ve studied this and I’m a master in that, and a grand master in the other,” and their egos interfere with them being able to access the purity of this work.

They wonder why some practitioners are able to bring it through so well. The practitioners who bring it through the best are the ones who very often don’t come from any background in healing, so they don’t have to unlearn anything. They don’t come in with the fears of taking on negative energy, or thinking they need to shake it off or spray themselves with alcohol or anything like that.

What does all of this have to do with teaching kids?
Dr. Pearl:
We recently developed a program called Reconnective Kids! where we teach children how to do this healing. We have found children access healing fairly instantly. Whereas it takes a weekend to teach this to an adult, children can learn this within a couple of hours.

One of our first experiences that I loved in doing this was down with the Maori children in New Zealand. The Maori are the native indigenous people of New Zealand. They have their own special tracts of land for their communities that they received through their negotiations with the government. When we went down, they invited us to come to their land, which they call MARAE. While we were there, we noticed that their school systems were very much like the old-time school systems we used to have in the Western U.S., where it was just one big class with a large age range. The age range of the students was between 4 to 15 years old, and we could tell from the conversation that the children were interested in the healing work that we were doing.

I taught a main seminar there for the public, and on my last day I was supposed to fly on to the next country. Instead, I extended my stay until later and I went down with someone to teach the children how to do this work. You would be shocked to witness this. To see a 4- or 5-year-old child begin to allow themselves to feel the work in their hands and to work on someone from a distance, even an adult who’s lying down on a table – one of their teachers, one of their elders. As they learn to access this work, the adult bodies involuntarily go into jerking movements or repetitive patterns, and the child’s mouth opens so wide you can hardly see anything but two chocolate eyes and a couple of ears.

Why do you think it’s so easy for kids to learn this healing?
Dr. Pearl:
Children learn this instantly because they don’t come in with fear. They don’t come in thinking that they need to protect themselves from something. They don’t come in thinking that they need a special necklace or amulet to make themselves more. They already allow themselves to be 100 percent without thinking they need something external added in.

Kids are not worried about shaking themselves off or zipping up their etheric bodies to protect themselves from being taken over, or any of the other things that are fear-based holdovers that are in many of our energy healing techniques taught today.

When a 4- or 5-year old child works with another person, and that person may have, for instance, had a stroke and lost the ability to use his arm, and suddenly he regains full use of his arm, the adults who witness this are all in shock. The child takes it as, “Oh well, one more part of my morning,” and they move right forward.

This is the way healing should be today. We reach for a glass from the cabinet to get a glass of orange juice and we go, (snaps fingers) “Well, what’s next in my morning?” We brush our teeth and go, (snaps fingers) “What’s next in my morning?” Someone needs a healing, (snaps fingers) we go, “What’s next in my morning?” And we just keep rolling, because this is a part of our human nature. Children are the ones who recognize this. The children are the teachers.

As someone who works with children, I see the simplicity and how naturally kids can tap into their little energetic selves, but you say these are frequencies of light and information. Where is it coming from?
Dr. Pearl:
I can’t fully explain it; we don’t totally understand it. What we’ve had here before has been energy healing. What we have been learning are portions, fractions or subsets of the energy healing: Reiki, Qigong, abc, efg, xyz, alpha, beta, delta, gamma, quantum this, matrix that. It doesn’t matter what we call it.

Each time we access healing through a technique, we access a specific portion of the energy. This is why Reiki feels different than Qigong. They’re all different subsets. But what the researchers have discovered in this work of Reconnective healing is that somehow we seem to be able to skip the technique entirely, to completely transcend the technique. And then what we access is no longer a subset of energy, it is the entirety of energy.

But what’s more interesting is that the entirety of energy is only a subset of this new level of this healing. This healing is comprised – as explained to us through various studies – of energy, light and information. And they say it’s a level of healing we haven’t had here on the planet before. Now, of course, we have light on the planet. Of course, we have information. Of course, we have energy. But this form of healing has not ever been seen here before.

For instance, we know that energy gets weaker with distance if you start at an inch and you move a foot and you move a yard, energy measurably gets weaker. I’m not speaking about distance healing, I’m just talking about distance. This new level of healing gets stronger with distance; it functions differently than any form of light that we’ve seen here in research.

Somehow the information seems to inform not just the physical body, but the entire person’s essence of what their natural balance is. It seems to be communicated through light. Energy is a carrier in this, and what really happens is that the person’s body returns to its natural light vibration, its natural balance. Anything that’s out of balance with that pretty much has nothing to hold onto. We return to our natural vibration of light when we play with this.

Let’s say the 5-year-old child works with an adult. The child learns how to come in and bring his or her hands to a place where they start to feel certain sensations, which vary. Sometimes it’s pushing, sometimes it’s pulling, sometimes it’s cool or warm, or hot, dry, wet, cold, all at the same time, but it’s always fascinating and always feels good. It becomes a reminder to that child of their natural state of joy or bliss that they’re sharing a space, even though they’re not necessarily physically touching the person on the table that they’re working with.

This vibration, this sensation, somehow is in that other person’s field, and a reminder goes off inside of them also that says: “Hey I remember this. This is me vibrating as light. I think I’ll do it again.” And as they return to that light vibration, anything denser, anything heavier than light – which tends to include pretty much most of our healing challenges – seems to have nothing left to hold onto. If appropriate, which it generally is, that health challenge falls away and the person receives a healing.

Healing is really just this simple, and anything else is designed to sell us something. And how do people sell us something? By appealing to our egos. But the children are beyond that. Before they get ego involved, they’re already on to the next thing to catch their attention, because they stay in that childlike state of awe and present-moment awareness. Fill a room full of toys and the child runs to the first toy that catches his urge or attention until another one sparkles a certain way, and then they run over there, and they run over here, and that’s just the natural way that they approach the healing. No steps, no shoulds, no shouldn’ts, no protections. No “Am I doing it right?” or “Am I doing it wrong?” Just that childlike state of wonder, of awe, of observation and of next, (snaps fingers) “Who’s next?” (Snaps fingers) “Who can I help next?”

What does this mean to the healing community, now that we have children who can heal?
Dr. Pearl:
Well, it doesn’t mean just now that we have children who can heal. Hopefully, it means are we willing to look past our own egos to recognize that we can also do this. It’s time for us to take a lesson from the kids and let go of our own egos. The children are showing us, but we have to step through our comfort zone and go into an uncomfortable area of letting go of the mask of who we’d like to present ourselves as and instead, just be that true essence that we are.

We are the essence of the children. How many of us stand in front of the mirror sometimes and ask, “I wonder what happened to my face? I don’t feel as old as I look.” That’s because we’re not, and we’re also not as old as we act. I don’t mean that necessarily in a way of judgment. How many of us have friends that are five or ten years younger than us, but on other levels seem to be a much older person then we are?

We get to choose to live our lives as the children we truly are inside. It’s not about, “Oh, I have a special child.” It’s more. It’s about I AM a special child. Thank, bless, kiss and love your child for showing you the child that you are inside again. Let’s bring our children to learn how to do Reconnective healing, to become one of this new generation of Reconnective Kids! And it’s time for us to become Reconnective healing adults, as well.

A lot of research is being done on how The Reconnection works. How is it being done?
Dr. Pearl:
They are doing the best they can to try and figure out how to study it. That’s really the best way I can explain it. Dr. Gary Schwartz at the University of Arizona has been doing research on this. Dr. Konstantin Kortokov in St. Petersburg, Russia, just had us out there teaching a class of doctors how to do this work, learning on Olympic athletes.

We came, the doctors showed up to learn, and the Olympic athletes who were the models to be worked on made themselves present. Just four days before the presentation, one of the athletes broke his leg. There was far too much paperwork and far too little time to get that athlete replaced. He came in on crutches, with a cast, jumping on the good leg, holding the other one in the air because it hurt to even put any pressure on it. By the second afternoon, the crutches were down. They were never picked up again, and they could not even find the fracture in the leg any longer.

We could say how did that happen? Unfortunately, or fortunately, the only answer I can give you is that we don’t know, but there are multiple measurements that the researchers are doing to try to find out what it is. Some of them are doing it just out of curiosity. Some are doing it because they think or they’re hoping maybe they can reproduce this in a machine. You’ll never be able to reproduce this in a machine. There are machines out there called Chi machines, supposedly to produce chi and life force energy.

Let’s get real. It is our responsibility to tune in and produce and reproduce the healing force, the life force. It is our responsibility to begin the healing inside, human to human. A machine is not going to do that, because if a machine does it, there is no learning for anyone. No lesson for anyone involved.

We run around all the time saying, “Oh, I have to heal the Earth, I have to heal the flowers, I have to heal the trees.” No. The Earth, the flowers and the trees are a reflection of who we are. It’s not where the problem sits.

When you stand in front of the mirror in the morning and your hair is a mess and your makeup is on crooked, do you try to fix the way the mirror looks? Of course not! You fix yourself, and then your reflection is better. As we learn to heal ourselves, adult to adult, person to person, and now child to child, and child to adult, our own healing becomes reflected in a planet that is healthy. A planet that is green, not warming and melting. A planet that is at peace, not at war.

And maybe part of the lesson of the children is that we don’t need to know. We don’t need to know how it works. We just need to be in it. To experience it. That is our lesson. We don’t need to know how it works.

I know that there are other people out there who have to be wondering, how is this happening?
Dr. Pearl:
It’s good that we have scientists looking at it. It’s not good that we have scientists looking at it for the reasons they think they’re looking at it.

To make it profitable?
Dr. Pearl:
Or, to just come up with an answer. The gift of scientific research is just the fact that the healings are so real and documented. That science is willing to look into it is what allows other people, who would otherwise walk by it with blinders and not notice it, avail themselves of what is here with Reconnective healing.

For instance, I recently spoke and presented at the University of Oslo in Norway. I was there at the same time as President Barack Obama. It was such a big presentation and such a paradigm shift for a lot of people to imagine someone speaking on healing and the research behind it at the University of Oslo, that even though Barack Obama was there, Reconnective healing was on the front page of the Sunday national paper – a newspaper that’s in two-thirds of all the homes – because science and the mainstream world itself are waking up to the understanding that we are more than we have been, and it is our responsibility to step into that place of being more.

I understand that you got into Reconnective work though an experience you had, through spiritual guides, or what could be called entities.
Dr. Pearl:
Maybe sort of, kind of.

Clarify that please.
Dr. Pearl:
When these healings started happening, there were certainly a lot of those who I will call people, because they felt like people to me. You might call them guides or spirits or any number of terms you want to come up with. The healing started happening without me expecting it. My patients were coming in to see a chiropractor and I thought I was one. And yet, before I would even touch the patients starting on this one specific day, seven of them started telling me they were seeing and feeling people in the room with us.

Others smelled different kinds of flowers, essences and fragrances. They were feeling a hand on them touching them. Patients were getting up with joints that had been locked into a limited position from surgeries twenty years prior and suddenly having regained full range of motion. This presented itself. It just was. When no one was expecting it, there was no belief. There was no mind-over-matter or hypnosis.

I went home on a Friday thinking I was a chiropractor and I came back on a Monday and I was something else. My parents always told me I was something else, but this was probably not what they had in mind.

What happened in that weekend?
Dr. Pearl:
Ahhh, that’s probably a much longer story that we’re going to have time for.

I brought up that question because I think for kids it’s very natural to sense things around them.
Dr. Pearl:
Yes it is. There’s no stigma around it, so none of them are afraid to say what they’re feeling. Many of them notice the presence of feeling another hand resting on their hand as they do this work. Others don’t seem to report anything like that. Children are just little individual people. They’re just shorter. (laughs) They allow themselves to access the magical – the magical in the good sense of the word, not magic as in artificial with showmanship, but the genuine twinkle of the truth of magic.

What is your goal with Reconnective Kids?
Dr. Pearl:
My goal with The Reconnection and Reconnective healing is that this becomes second nature for every human on the planet. Therefore, as the children learn to access this, the parents get to see that it’s not imagination. The children get to own it as they grow up and they don’t talk it out of their own children in the next generation. And then pretty soon, we won’t have to study or learn it.

We won’t be having this conversation, we’ll just be doing it.
Dr. Pearl:
There’s a new level of healing and a new level of evolution for all of us here on the planet. And it simply becomes the choice for each and every one of us, whether we’re willing to step up into it, in essence, whether we’re willing to “come home.” It will be just like breathing. We just breathe.

To learn more about Reconnective Kids! and the Reconnective Healing seminars, call 323.960.0012 or visit

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