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    On a very cold and clear blue sky winter day, I was sitting by the window and looking out into our backyard reflecting on the corporate executive position I gave up the previous month. My heart became heavy with sadness as I thought about my work’s primary focus, which was money, power and ego.

    “There must be more to life,” I said to myself. At that very precious moment, a life-changing message came into my mind, “You are here on Earth to spread Unconditional Love, but first you must Love yourself.”

    My search for the true meaning of Love led me to a statement by Gary E. Schwartz, Ph.D., professor of psychology and author of The Afterlife Experiments. In his book, the author states, “According to Newton, love is the universal energy, and the existence of gravity is one of the most fundamental and far-reaching illustrations of this unconditional loving process. The loving heart of God is literally expressed through the universal attractive force of gravity.” As I began to reflect on my daily life journey experiences, I noticed that sometimes I would see and feel love, and other times I would see and feel fear.

    One special afternoon, I was driving our van on a blacktop back road in the country with three RSVP volunteers when I said, “Look at those deer ahead in the ditch.” The person next to me responded, “They are beautiful.” The person in the back seat responded, “Be careful we could get in an accident.” One person felt fear while another person felt love.

    On one special morning, I was taking a break around 10 a.m. with three other volunteers at the Community Kitchen when Cleo, a person with some alcohol problems, came in and started to speak in a laud and vulgar tone. The director of the Community Kitchen tried to calm down Cleo, but finally had to escort him out of the building. The lady sitting next to me made a profound statement, “You, know, when I see people like Cleo, I have to remind myself that we are all children of God.” Initially we felt the fear and then shifted to the love vibration.

    My life changed drastically when I chose to shift my life energy to volunteer work for non-profit organizations, to attending spiritual/metaphysical educational programs and reading a variety of spiritual books. As my spiritual knowledge progressed, I began to realize that being able to love myself directly related to understanding — and releasing my inner fear feelings related to past life experiences with family and friends.

    After one of my monthly group meditation sessions, several participants stated they were taken back and felt uneasy when President Bush was sent unconditional love and healing energy in the meditation. This was the night after his re-election and they felt President Bush was our worst president. “President Bush is a blessing. He has awakened us to our individual rights to freedom as an American citizen,” I responded.

    My life journey has evolved around my patience, setting aside my logical/analytical thoughts, quieting my mind, listening to my heart, loving myself and providing unconditional love to the world in which I live. I am just as human as everyone else. At times I have doubts. When these doubts come, I say a special prayer given to me through a channel session with my teacher Ronna Prince: “I Love Myself and My Perfect Imperfections.” My guides remind me daily that “Life is Truly Fun and Full of Mysteries.”

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