Shining your light, expressing your soul


As I sit here and think about you, all I can do is marvel at who you are. It’s an absolute miracle, from my perspective. Of course, you may be wondering how I know you, whether we have ever met, or if we have, why I am thinking about you now. The answer is, yes.

You are so incredibly unique, from your gestures and mannerisms to the way that you speak, the way your eyes shine when you smile, and the way you can say so much without saying a word.

I think of it as your soul’s expression, how your innermost being translates in this physical form. No one expresses like you do, and for those who know you, that is what they find so endearing about you.

When your soul leaves your body and you linger in the stillness to observe silently as your friends and family come to pay their last respects, one by one they will try to put into words how much they loved how you expressed your soul to them. Though they will do their best to tell others what they remember most about you, their words will be entangled with emotion and will not come out as well as they would like. It doesn’t matter, the onlookers say. We know what you are trying to say.

The reason they know is because they also have been in touch with your being, with your essence. And the reason they stand here now, a gathering in your honor, is because you shared your essence with them.

As humans being, we express as soul in relationship with others, and this expression is as unique as a snowflake or fingerprint. You have yours and I have mine, and while the differences in our expression of soul seem so exotic and incredibly subtle, they are expressions nonetheless.

We cannot help but express as soul. Who we truly are, our real selves, cannot be hidden away, as hard as we try. For even when we feel like playing games, deceiving others and donning costumes to change how we appear in the light of day, our soul’s expression carries on – the unvarnished truth about who we truly are.

And as much as I would like to not say it, I must: The one we try the hardest to hide our essence from is ourselves. We create identities and fantasies and live in our minds like rats running a maze; sometimes it is only in our exhaustion, when we are in crisis and when we no longer can keep up the charade, that the costumes and the games fall to the side and our true soul’s expression shines forth.

I am finding more and more souls shining in and around me. Perhaps the tumultuous times in which we live are pushing us toward greater expression of our soul, in plain sight. Perhaps as more of us gladly reveal ourselves, others find it easier to accept who they truly are.

Through my association with The Edge magazine, website and all that it is, I am proud to be in relation with so many people who reveal themselves so openly. Just look at the vast array of souls who are represented in this month’s edition alone, from energy healers to intuitives to retail business owners and holistic healing practitioners. While it can be said that they are just advertising, just promoting their businesses, it must also be said that the work of many in our holistic community requires a tremendous amount of integrity and openness. Some of those revealed in these pages do the actual work of helping people better express themselves as soul. To all of you, I bow in honor of your dedication to the upliftment of your fellow human beings – and the healing of all God’s creations.

Those who make up the holistic community walk a challenging path, one that requires them to constantly do what they can to ensure that their soul’s expression represents all of who they truly are, be it healer or inspirer or coach or translator of what life’s lessons are saying. This is not an easy task, for who among us finds it easy to be 100 percent genuine – authentic – in the realm of human relationship?

The greatest challenge for those who shine their souls, and reflect all that is True, is to not get blinded by the light. Know that even you – you the helper, you the translator, you the guide – can learn something, often when you least expect it. Who’s to say that that the person waiting to learn from you won’t be your greatest teacher?

I am in gratitude to be in your presence, you the soul who is reading this now.

As I sit here and think about you, all I can do is marvel at who you are. It’s an absolute miracle.

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Tim Miejan
Tim Miejan is a writer who served as former editor and publisher of The Edge for twenty-five years. Contact him at [email protected].


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