Spiritual Hunger: Part 3


    Third of a seven-part series

    In installment three of this seven-part series, as a way of uncovering the veiled truths and obtain answers to questions like – Is there something wrong with the way in which current Earth existence is designed? – I work with the film, The Matrix, written and directed by Larry and Andy Wachowski as a modern myth. In the film, as part of an invitation to extract Neo from his enslaved existence, Morpheus offers Neo two options: the “red pill” or the “blue pill,” with the choice of pills illustrating our right to choose between truth and illusion, or ignorance. The red pill will answer the question, “What is the matrix?” – a question that can be answered only by removing Neo from it. On the contrary, the blue pill will ensure that his life or illusion of life will go on as before.

    I proceed from the vantage point of having taken the “red pill,” and I explore the design and framework of our current Earth existence with an emphasis on how many of us experience this matrix in the undercurrent of our lives. As we make our way through this exploration in part three, be assured that after addressing the risky consequences of the “unexamined life” in part four and examining the creators and keepers of the matrix in part five, part six of this series will contain suggestions about how to dispel the matrix and live a life of self-sovereignty, spiritual freedom and glory.

    What is being proposed in this series might seem like heresy. However, it’s important to note that according to the etymology dictionary, heresy is derived from the Greek word haeresis, meaning choice or personal opinion, and a heretic is someone often described as a renegade or rebel. And etymologically, a renegade, from the Spanish renegado, means someone who disagrees; an apostate. Apostate, from the Latin, apostata, is the act of departing from or discarding one’s current beliefs. The word apostle is a derivative of apostate. Etymologically, apostle, from the Latin apostolus, means messenger, a person sent forth to deliver an epistle, the chief advocate of a new principle or system. Therefore, a heretic is an apostle, a messenger and advocate of a new principle, a renegade who dares to ask questions, an intrepid explorer and independent thinker who honors the experience of being challenged by opportunities for freedom, who welcomes being stretched outside their comfort zones and who bravely detaches from external source authority to uncover and disseminate uncommon knowledge.

    With this in mind, let’s explore the concept of the matrix. The matrix is a force that operates at the level of both our individual minds and the collective consciousness of humanity (referred to as the “world mind” by Meir Schneider), and it is at work everywhere. It governs the design and framework of Earth’s political and social systems, economic, educational and cultural constructs, nearly all religious structures and most New Age spiritual systems. Each of us has our own degree of internal resistance to fully acknowledging the existence of the matrix, particularly because aspects of our existence here on planet Earth include experiences of comfort, success, belonging, gratitude, love, synchronicity, grace, natural beauty, etc. These experiences make taking the “red pill” extremely challenging, and consequently, the motivation for discovering deeper levels of larger truths must be unwaveringly strong.

    Design and framework
    There are many authors who have researched, intuited and mystically discerned truths related to the design and framework of the matrix. I am not the first, nor will I be the last. Their revelatory discoveries are documented in works such as: Lynn Grabhorn’s Dear God! What’s Happening to Us? Halting Eons of Manipulation; Jim Marrs’ Rule By Secrecy; Adriene Wentworth’s Divine Intervention; Michael Berg’s Becoming Like God; Stuart Wilde’s God’s Gladiators; and the films of Ben Stewart – Esoteric Agenda and Kymatica. I stand with them in choosing the “red pill.”

    And as part of this exploration, I invite you to invoke a strong motivating strength and go with me beneath your experiences of either fleeting change or quotients of change that almost satisfy; beneath your experiences of temporary satiation garnered from the voluminous quantities of information this spiritual renaissance constantly delivers; below your excitement and hope accompanying the history of sixty years of paranormal experiences; under the waves of repeated opportunities for rapid spiritual awakening that you’ve been riding in expectant seeking.

    In this undercurrent, I bid all of us to acknowledge that our hunger for answers to the larger questions, for unadorned and unambiguous seeds of unequivocal new beginnings, has driven us to the place of willingness to take the “red pill” – the place where we heed the words of Morpheus in the modern mythical film, The Matrix, when he describes the hunger to uncover whatever has been shrouded in a conspiratorial mystery as “a splinter in your mind, driving you mad” – the place where, like Neo, we allow our restless, but perhaps well-concealed melancholy, to lead us to acknowledge that “there is something wrong with the world.”

    What is wrong with the world is that in our current Earth reality, the matrix that governs us feeds us data in the form of information and ideas. We take in the information and concepts, digest and assimilate them and then adopt the data as fact. These facts become beliefs, and our beliefs take up residence within us as truth. Our truths become convictions that we defend and protect as irrefutable dogma. This is one of the primary ways in which the matrix assures its own survival. When Neo asks Morpheus, “What is the matrix?” he responds “control.” And why is our attachment to our beliefs so unwavering? Perhaps because we do not yet sufficiently abhor the experience of being deceived and controlled.

    The ego aspect
    Because the matrix is a force that operates at the level of both our individual minds and the collective consciousness, it uses the ego aspect of our minds to hypnotize us. It swindles us into serving our egos, guaranteeing us that this is in our best interest. In the film, the species or machines have the capacity to shape shift, inhabiting physical form as sinister agents. After agent Smith captures and subdues Morpheus, he dialogues with him about how he “marvels at the matrix…its beauty…its genius…billions of people just living out their lives, oblivious.” The matrix banks on us remaining oblivious and forgetful.

    Remember the fables passed down that speak of the time in our mother’s wombs when the veil doesn’t exist, during which time we remember all the wisdom of the universe. Remember how many of these tales end by narrating that, at birth, our Guardian Angel gives us a sharp blow that causes us to forget everything we’ve learned so that we arrive in an incarnational experience unable to remember the truth about our celestial origins and clueless about what we came here to do. In short, we are programmed to forget. After eons of forgetting, we believe it is our nature to forget. We forget to the extent that we forget that we’ve forgotten. The ego-based mental matrix thrives not only on us forgetting but also on engendering doubt, confusion, annoyance and suspicion. Even now, it wants us to deny that anything we are reading here resonates as truth. It wants us to succumb to our doubt, to validate that uncovering shrouded truths is annoying.

    It is vital that we feel empowered and equipped to recognize and reclaim truth, whether it emerges from within us or is presented by another. But how do we know whether what we’re reading or hearing is truth?

    For one thing, it is an experience of “this feels right,” “this makes sense to me,” “this is something I’ve thought of or had an inkling about and it feels good to hear it being presented,” balanced with, “Okay, this is challenging, even confronting, but nonetheless feels like something that would benefit me to explore” – the sense of relief that accompanies being stretched outside a comfort zone.

    However, we cannot get there with our minds.

    Our cosmic hearts
    It is by connecting with our cosmic hearts that we can get there. Deep in the core of our being, there is a sacred center I refer to as the cosmic heart communion chamber. Our hearts are the guardians of our intuition – our profound inner knowing, and our intuition is a permanent plug into truth, understanding, knowledge and wisdom that is hardwired from our heart through our soul to our Macrocosmic Self (aka/ Higher Self, Oversoul, Essence Self or Spirit Self). This sacred center of communion does not recognize wounds of unworthiness and is untouched by maladies of untruth. Remember, our hearts – not our minds – are the guardians of our intuition, our profound inner knowing.

    Our minds are important participants. Surely our minds have a higher region or aspect (cosmic mind) that resonates with our heart knowledge. However, because the ego aspect of our minds is where the matrix plugs into and operates from, and because our egos function in survival mode, from a place of fear, all aspects of our mind must serve the heart. Our hearts have the authority – and as guardians of our intuition, our hearts will always lead us in the direction of choices that are for our highest good.

    In the film, The Matrix, in exchange for the energy supplied by the slumbering humans, the machines take the human’s “residual self-image” and insert it into what Morpheus describes as “a computer generated dream world.” The matrix capitalizes on the remnants of who we really are, our “residual self-image,” by programmatically installing into our psyches images of what to crave, what is vogue, what ails us and how to behave while it intoxicates us with reality television that has us watching ourselves, with imbalanced focus on material acquisitions, with distorted versions of power and success through the grip and grid of religious traditions and cultural norms. All of this fosters self-obsession and turns us into commodities.

    Just like in the film, where human beings supply the energy for machines that control their experiences, our compliance supplies energy for the preservation of Earth’s corrupt systems. These systems, with their murky ethics, exploit scandals to divert us from self-awareness and tragedies to comparatively promote our good fortune. They use crimes to assure us that the law is being upheld, and they feign protection through crises.

    Things like terrorism and the nuclear arms race permits those who maintain the matrix to implement universal surveillance structures, which pose as security systems, designed to monitor all aspects of our lives. Corporations then use this information to design campaigns to manipulate our consumption, while politicians make the most of whatever platforms or special interests they deem will dupe us. We watch video images on the news as if it is the reality of what happened in any particular case. Even when catastrophes of nature or acts of terrorism cross the screen, often the calamity or violence being experienced or the loss of life only minimally affects us. Or we feel inept – after all, what can we do? The matrix profits from the reservoir of apathy it engenders.

    In addition, the matrix anesthetizes us with illusions that we are transforming by permitting just enough change and relief to keep us hopeful and hooked. It permits temporary satiation and incessant expectant seeking. It endorses experiences of comfort, success, belonging, gratitude, love, synchronicity, grace and natural beauty, but only enough to keep us participating in the circuitous maze. It makes us crave mediocrity.

    Desert of the real
    In the film when Morpheus is revealing an aspect of the matrix to Neo, he says, “Welcome to the desert of the real.” He is verifying that the world we live in is not real. It is a world where content is replicated over and over again until there is barely a trace of anything original. Even worse, it is a world where originality is often belittled.

    Like in our reality in 3-D Earth, the desert referenced in the film is a metaphor for a functional reality that is devoid of genuine nourishment. To connect with this makes us uneasy. And the matrix prompts us to seek any and all ways to avoid uneasiness and discomfort. Avoiding uneasiness and discomfort is part of an inbred survival strategy that applauds us for arguing for our limitations and proclaiming either that we are comfortable enough or that it really isn’t that bad. In the meantime, this force harvests an experience of life whose main ingredients are fear, control, domination, bewilderment, depression, endurance, grief, loss, suffering and death.

    I understand the argument that although these experiences or conditions exist in the undercurrent, there are so many things to celebrate, to be grateful for. I have heard it from others; I hear it inside myself. However, when I really listen, what reverberates from deep within, in that undercurrent, is a cry: the cry to be liberated from this force, to live a life beyond fear, control, domination, bewilderment, depression, endurance, grief, loss, suffering and death. That cry is for freedom and transcendence.

    The matrix does afford us one freedom: the freedom to choose what is on its menu. Inside the matrix, we are not free to create the menu, however. That’s because those maintaining the matrix – the secret government, the overt governments, religions, corporations, the media, educational and cultural systems – create the menu on our behalf.

    The film hauntingly affirms that “as long as the matrix exists, the human race will never be free” and that in a prison that robs us of our freedom, meaning and significance, most participants are “not ready to be unplugged.” However, the renegades comprehend that the purpose of the matrix is to block them from accessing their true nature. They understand that the mental matrix fears and detests their power. This is why it seeks to undermine their significance. But they take a stand. They embrace their power, right and responsibility to be proactive rather than reactive.

    As we perceive the truth of this, we arise from our slumber. Let’s arise together as radical thinkers and renegades, messengers and advocates of truth willing to detach from any and all imprisoning forces, eager to live a life beyond fear, control, domination, bewilderment, depression, endurance, grief, loss, suffering and death. A life infused with glory!

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    MariAngela Landau
    Mariangela Pino Landau is a medium, mystic, metaphysical minister, ritual and ceremonial facilitator, poet and the author of Spiritual Adulthood®. Mariangela believes that authenticity is the highest spiritual principle and the cornerstone of our humanity and self-examination is the main ingredient of enlightenment. She is the founder of The Center for True North, LLC, an organization fostering spiritual freedom and authenticity, www.TheCenterforTrueNorth.com



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