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The insights I get are always of a very practical, down-to-earth nature and won’t really surprise anyone. Hopefully it is articulated in a way that clarifies for people what they may have been feeling lately anyway, regarding their own practices and what to do next.

The first bit of guidance continues to come to me, and addresses more of a global issue. I have learned that as a practitioner in the psychic field, it is imperative that we help others come more fully into their own abilities. My guides tell me that we have a responsibility to create the doorway of awareness within others, rather than simply give them all the answers. We are being called into taking more responsibility for ourselves and our paths, rather than having someone dictate what we should or should not do.

Sharing outcomes on a precognitive level are only helpful if we are assisting people on their path, verses creating or instilling a sense of fear or limitation. We are all feeling more of the call to hear our own voice, rather than be told by someone else what to do. It is this greater responsibility to honoring the inner voice that must drive and supplement the psychic practice.

Psychics who are helping others realize their own intuitive gifts will have the longest “shelf life” as practitioners. It is as simple as showing them and instructing them in a tool or two that can help them on a daily basis, such as tarot cards or a pendulum.

The other bit of guidance I received is how important it is for us to begin to form communities of practitioners, coming together to build a stronghold of guidance and insight, from a variety of angles and modalities at once. The days in which only a few highly visible practitioners stand out in front of the rest are coming to an end. The sooner we embrace community and come together to offer our work, the more sustainable our practices will be.

I also continue to be told that we are all healers. In that light, those who offer work as energy healers may consider training in another tool or two, as the healing market is so fully saturated and people are overwhelmed with who to go to. The public is confused about which approach is the most helpful. People are inundated with the numbers of healers out there.

Those who pull together in cooperative efforts offer a more comprehensive service and a much more well-rounded approach to healing the whole self – even if it’s just through referrals. I almost always encourage clients to explore acupuncture, chiropractic, meditation, yoga or some other service that is complementary to what I’m doing. I see the day coming where there are co-ops of practitioners. These groupings of people will create powerful results and stand out from the rest.

One day the cooperative efforts of the holistic community will benefit humanity as a whole, and those who embrace supporting each other will sustain practices. We are being asked to combine our skills and talents all together, and offer our services more within the mainstream, instead of them being a novelty. Our task is to educate society on the importance and usefulness of the psychic arts in daily life and business.

The last bit of guidance for the practitioner in these economic times is to not shy away from doing something else to earn additional income. It doesn’t make us less of a practitioner. It only makes us more powerful when we have less stress in our financial lives.

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