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People are coming to the holistic community in need of help. They worry about price, paying for it. It is true, each one who seeks you out needs and wants answers. They turn to you for your insight. Many have an idea, but they need reassurance.

Many of you may feel a shift, some confusion on where you are supposed to be going, heading. I see a huge beam of light coming from the earth, reaching up into the heavens. What does this mean? This light is showing us that as a community, you need to come together…reaching a center in unity…surrounding the cities with healing energy….helping to open eyes to the shift that is already happening.

When you work separately, you help one person at a time. When all of you come together, the skies light up and the energy helps all those who seek help. When you do this, you will see the difference. You will feel the difference. You are the teachers.

Deb Battenfeld of The Circle Mpls, Psychics in the Cities, [email protected],

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Deb Battenfeld joins Connye LaCombe, Kayla Wright and Judie Randall as The Psychics in the Cities – professional psychics who work as a group to connect and receive messages from angels, spirit guides and loved ones on the other side to give you well-rounded, multi-perceptive answers. They offer monthly psychic galleries, private readings, phone readings, private or corporate parties, ghost busting, house clearings, shaman services, energy healing, hypnosis and more. This spring they are offering classes in beginning psychic development, creating sacred spaces and how to run a holistic business with more to come.


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