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My adventure with a “new economy” started nearly 20 years ago when I was downsized from a corporate job I had held for many years. In those days, they paid you fairly good money to go away, so things were not critical while I decided to bring my spiritual life to the foreground and begin my own business as a healer and metaphysical business advisor.

Those were golden days of exploration, having the luxury of both time and money simultaneously while doing the necessities of personal expansion and education in self-employed business protocol to accomplish my goals and establish my practices.

As the reality of paying my own self-employment taxes came to pass, it became clear some type of part-time work where the employer paid into Social Security was a very good idea, so Spirit brought me what I needed.

Time marched on, the severance money ran out, living expenses got higher, and choices had to be made on what to still pay for, and what to let go of. In those days, every month it was, “I wonder if Spirit will come through this month?” Fear got its grip on me very regularly, until one day Spirit said very loud and clearly: “How many times must I prove myself to you?”

And I realized that I was asking of Spirit what I would not ask of a friend…to constantly RE-prove itself to renew my trust. In life, I usually trust someone until they prove differently. Why was I behaving differently when it applied to Spirit? I now believe it was because I was not as aware of my connection to Spirit as I have now become. Spirit, to me then, was more of an amorphous force outside myself that I was connected to, but I did not feel myself as being an embodiment of Spirit. I was not sure of the reason, but knew I had to change my behavior, and just trust, until Spirit proved Itself differently…which It never has.

Yes, I still have the part-time job. I also have expanded my practice to include being an ordained minister and doing weddings and various ceremonies for people, becoming a meditation teacher, doing psychic readings, teaching, and personal development with people, adding more healing techniques, and continuing my metaphysical business advisory (my MBA).

Even so, last year was a very tough one. More choices had to be made on how to change my lifestyle to accommodate the expenses, how to try to move in a real estate climate that is not moving, where to invest dollars in my business for the best return on investment, and how to remain generous to others in the process. Spirit was always very clear: Hang on, follow your practical and creative ideas, don’t feed the fear, be generous to others in the ways that you can, ask others for any help you need, and trust. And I have…and this year is much better already.

Do I still wonder each month how I am going to make it financially? Yup! But now it’s just a curiosity, to see how Spirit will create it this time, rather than a frantic fear that it might not happen.

Three levels
Humans operate on three levels: Survival, nurturance and thriving. It is important for each person to define what their needs are on each level:

  • Survival – What do you need as the basics, expenses, relationships, entertainment, sleep, etc.?
  • Nurturance – When survival is maintained, what do you need to feed yourself and nourish your soul? What nutrition or treatments does body need? What creative exercise does mind need? And what awareness to your connection to Spirit do you need?
  • Thriving – When survival is maintained, and nourishment is occurring, what do we need to thrive and grow? What is a luxury for the body, the mind, and the Spiritual connection?

Energetically, these relate thusly: Open the crown chakra, and do this practice daily. It can be done merely with your focus and intention. When you feel in the state of survival, focus on the two lower chakras besides the crown. Use the colors of red and orange. Focus on your relationships, tribal and family connections, grounding, connecting with Mother Earth and the global family. When you are ready to move into nurturance, maintain those, and add the next two chakras, the solar plexus and heart. Work to release your fear and enhance your personal power, open your heart to yourself and to others. As those come into balance, move up to the next two chakras, the throat and the third eye. Speak your truth, ask for what you need, address what you want to avoid, and see from a higher perspective and bigger picture.

Spirit says that seeing things from the biggest picture is so important right now. Know that you will not always get back what you give, but you will get back when you trust that Spirit knows what It is doing, and stay out of Its way.

Be practical in your human life, and pay attention to how you can change things to your advantage. Face the hard stuff: giving up credit, insurance, things we have been taught are “security” but are not, and all things in that category. Spirit is security. It is the never-ending energy that we are all a part of. We will all make it through this reorganization. Life will look different, yes, but it will still be life. And we just might like it!

In the Big Sense
Spirit emphasizes that is important for us to think of ourselves in the Big Sense, to identify and define what our talents are, which ones give us the most pleasure to use, and then apply them like a template to any number of settings.

For example: A person has a talent of working easily and comfortably with people. They also have a talent for problem solving. They enjoy doing both of them. They put them together and know they can do work in areas of customer service, sales, organization coaching, interior design, document research, genealogy for others, etc. You see the variety that can spring from just utilizing two talents! Searching for work in those areas will be more likely to turn up and be satisfying, rather than just looking at what jobs are available and, like the Cinderella stepsisters, just hoping it fits, or being limited to just trying on a glass slipper at all – for you also can try on silver, gold, platinum, silk and leather!

Members of our community are being called to leave their comfort zone of practice and go out into the general community, through jobs and other situations, and bring their healing selves to the masses, creating a unity of sorts – no longer having a separation. It’s about bringing light to the darkness, bringing balance to the fear, taking hope to a new location.

Practitioners are the ones who need to step out of their comfort zones and conquer their fears, to go into the lives of others and help them conquer theirs. Others are too immobilized by it to come seeking now.

Jean Wallis 612.874.1453, [email protected]

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