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As my guides would say, “Don’t fear what you see. Embrace ‘opportunities’ with gratitude. Look at the light that is creating the shadow.”

We tend to “see” the problems of slow business and the economy of the nation and that we are constantly being bombarded with “negative waves.” It comes not only from the news, but even the people we work with. We are always too fast to judge what we “see.” The ego takes it and fuels more to the fires of doubt.

We are often given an opportunity to “slow down.” We may feel it as lack of coins in our pocket or purse. Fear is created by, “Will I get my rent paid? Where will I eat today?” I am fortunate in that I have a full-time position and my company exceeded  its sales goal last year and has huge opportunities coming its way. I asked my Spirit, “Why is this?” The answer did not shock me: “The energy and positive intention are above the normal at my company.” I like to think that I participate in holding that energy.

In my position in Sales and Customer Service, I talk to a lot of people. I work in the municipal marketplace. Outside the seven-county area of the Twin Cities, the smaller towns do not have the money to support their infrastructure. They are having a hard time meeting their needs.

In a business that wants success, marketing has always been the light out of the darkness. Look at your costs for expos, rent, and advertising. Perhaps it is time to redefine your customer. It may require thinking “outside of the box.” Placing a few well-placed and worded ads can bring in more income than you can imagine.

When I need a few clients, they come. I have also given myself permission to be busier now. The phone has started ringing again. I have also looked at my return on my investments and have made some tough choices. Focus on local clients. Going out of the area for most healers is expensive. Ask yourself, “Will I get a return on this investment? Will my costs be covered? Will I get return or repeat business?” If not, focus on what does.

When busy with clients, we tend to say, “I can save by cutting out my advertising.” Wrong answer! To eliminate peaks and valleys, constant attention to marketing is a must. What does a sign on the back of your car mean if it says “Follow Me?” It’s a free place to put an ad. My vehicle has generated a good part of by business. Psychic and hypnosis in the same place is a little rare. At least people don’t tailgate me very often. And it always creates a thought that they may not have considered before.

Intuitively, I am asked to share this: “Look at the people around you. Do they hold the same energy and vision of your business? Do they greet people with a smile or are they grumpy and spill over with cranky comments?” Clients are no different than us. We are all intuitive to some degree. Our job is to make sure they all get the same treatment – the same courtesies that you expect. In the customer service industry, one negative experience is shared with eight out of ten people. One positive experience is shared with three people or less. So ask yourself, “What do you want this client to share with others?”

Attitude builds businesses. One soul at a time.

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