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What I am seeing is an inability on the part of anyone to commit in any meaningful fashion. Because our society is caught in a wave of fear, the behavior coming out of it is a type of paralysis that causes people to either not commit or to commit and then later cancel. For example, for years I have taught classes that have always filled up weeks, if not months, in advance. Lately though, people are waiting to sign up and are very commonly signing up and then canceling at the last minute. On several occasions I have had to cancel a class, event or trip for lack of people, only to have four or five people call at the last minute wanting to come.

The paradox, of course, is that we are all doing this, and yet we all want other people to commit to us. People are afraid, and so they don’t feel they can commit for the long term.

I am not sure if this is good or bad or neutral, but it is changing the way that we all do business. My best-attended function is the Intuitive forum, which is a “just show up and pay $20 at the door” event. Because people can wait until the last minute, they are far more likely to come. It is relatively inexpensive, as well. But, of course, I still need to commit to the venue and to being there. (Again, the paradox.)

For now, the solution seems to be to keep things short term, relatively inexpensive and flexible. Also, I think we all need to realize that if we need and want stability and commitment from others, we need to give those things TO others.

In the end, it will be about how we want our society to look. Perhaps we are returning to a time when there was no security, long-term commitments or safety nets. Maybe safety nets were always an illusion?

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  1. As I’ve grown older, I realize how fragile life is. When I RSVP to a wedding invitation, for example, I always add “Lord willing!” because I just don’t know what tomorrow might hold. Perhaps that is a factor in people not committing, or not following through on committments. Another could be over-committment. We find so much of interest to pursue, then we realize we cannot possibly do it all.

    I do think you have hit on an interesting idea, that of safety nets being an illusion, worth investigating!

  2. This definitely speaks to what id happening with me at the moment. I find myself frozen with fear and not committing to things I usually do, glad I’m not just alone going crazy!

  3. Kathryn, Yikes!!

    Don’t you recognize the “Present Moment of Now Energy”?
    Living in the moment, being in the moment!

    Look at it a little closer and from the perspective of the “Present Moment of Now Energy” that is growing stronger around ALL of Us!

    Are you in the “Present Moment of Now Energy”, or are you living in the old energy you wrote about?

    “Present Moment of Now Energy”
    I AM


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