The Rabbit Hole


Little did I know the significance of watching Bugs Bunny as a child or reading Alice in Wonderland, nor the depth that I would somehow glean from these archetypes. Then a couple of years ago I used to joke that my power animal was the bunny – only to find that the place I ended up living has a giant bronze bunny outside of it. And that right before I moved here, seemingly unknowingly, I created an online group called “Down The Rabbit Hole,” well before the movie came out. And as many of you know, the space that I teach out of is affectionately called The Rabbit Hole. These things are profound in my life.

In many traditions, the rabbit symbolizes fear – yet, its hole is where it finds safety. Symbolically, it directly refers to the subconscious and the depth of self. Truly there is no way to become an effective or whole human being without taking the journey through the self.

I say to many of my clients: “You must go through the hole to become whole.” The exploration of self is so necessary, because we are not who the world says we are, not by any stretch of the imagination. Most all of who and what we think we are is imposed upon us. Self-discovery – or I should say uncovery – is an inside out (or insight out) job! This is the true hero’s journey.

There are things, monsters that exist within us, because we escaped our primal nature. They stalk us and we fear them because of this:

Whoever battles monsters should take care
Not to become a monster too
For if you stare long enough into the Abyss
The Abyss stares also into you – Friedrich Nietzsche

Once you become the monster you have a choice
Either to become the fear that you represent
Or to be present
And once you mirror the Abyss
To be present
Or Absent – Hanakia Zedek

What we fear is who we are and what we are capable of. Some of us act out unreasonably and irresponsibly, and that is inappropriate because it creates ties that bind us to people, places, things, situations and circumstances. There are others who know the propensity of who and what they are, and they cultivate and refine these abilities and this awareness.

An example: I know that I am a monster, a primal animal with pristine killer instinct. I do not delude myself into thinking that I am some “Higher Life Form” or that I am love or light; others may be, but I certainly am not. Plus, I am a Martial Arts Expert and Master. I have cultivated and refined these abilities, and I have a severe and sharp edge – yet, I use these abilities to set people free. Now, if anything were to happen, let’s say, to threaten our survival on any level, I would be the one whose camp you would want to be in if you wanted to survive; prayer is one thing; effective, impeccable action is a whole other reality. I have torn myself apart to find the truth within; down the Rabbit Hole again and again.

There is peace in excavation and release and finding the truth within yourself as opposed to buying what is told you. It is a wonderful surprise to look in through the eyes of all that you see to a deeper reality. And it’s your truth that sets you free, none other. The deeper you go down The Rabbit Hole, the more you grow and the more that you truly know.

When you sit in the silence of your own inner sanctum, you realize what is stirring within and what is simultaneously blurring your vision on the surface. Within, we find self-awareness, realization and actualization. Beyond the noise and chatter of the other world exists the truth and knowing of the inner world. And from this space we can navigate the external. When you are still, you see. When you are empty, you feel. When you are silent, you can listen to what is actually happening.

We try to pretend that we are not animals; we try to pretend that there is somewhere else to go. We try to pretend that we can do whatever we want without consequences. Well, I’m here to tell you…think again.

Everything that you avoid rises to the top. When you pay attention, make effective choices. By following what you know, you will create the right path to follow through The Rabbit Hole to become whole.

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