Two intuitives unite for event at Psychic Symposium 2010


BROOKLYN CENTER, MN — “Messages from the Light,” a gallery style event where participants are chosen randomly to have their questions answered, will be a rare gathering that involves two leading Twin Cities intuitives: Kathryn Harwig, a psychic and medium and author of seven books; and Troy Parkinson, a medium whose book Bridge to the Afterlife recently was released.

This unique event will take place at Psychic Symposium 2010 from 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday, May 22, at Earle Brown Heritage Center, 6155 Earle Brown Dr., in Brooklyn Center. Exhibitors include intuitive readers, wellness products, healing resources, animal communicators, aura photos, jewelry, crystals and other unique gift items.

“Combining these two talents into one gallery style event is a magical experience,” said Gary Beckman, producer of the Psychic Symposium. “They teamed up in Fargo for this year’s Fargo Holistic Expo and the audience was moved, touched and inspired by what they had to offer. Now the Twin Cities will be next to witness this inspired combination.”

Parkinson said this about sharing the stage with Harwig, a master intuitive: “Working with Kathryn is always a joy. It’s truly an honor and a privilege to share the stage with her.”

During the afternoon event, individuals will each receive tickets and their numbers will be drawn for the messages. There will be an opportunity for a question or a request to connect to a specific person in spirit. Harwig and Parkinson will volley back and forth doing a block of readings each and then a portion where they offer their insights together.

“These events are great fun for us because they provide individuals two unique ways to receive communication,” Harwig says. “Sometimes I will answer, sometime Troy, and sometimes both of us!

“We have worked together before, with his receiving messages from Spirit while I tune in (on the same person or question) and receive my messages from my guides and intuition. The fascinating thing is how similar the information is and how what he and I get often dovetails to give the questioner a complete and useful answer. It is intriguing to watch the two of us converse with the Spirit realm in different fashions but end up in the same place.”

Harwig has been an intuitive since birth. She is the author of seven books: Your Life In the Palm Of Your Hand (1994), The Millennium Effect (1996), The Intuitive Advantage (2000), The Angel in the Big Pink Hat (2005), Palm Visions (2008), and co-author of Invest In Joy (2009). Her latest book, The Return of Intuition, is scheduled to be released by Llewellyn Worldwide in August. Parkinson has studied mediumship and the afterlife for over 10 years. He offers individual and group readings throughout the United States and has been a keynote speaker at numerous expos. As a filmmaker, Troy’s work has been seen on The Discovery Health Channel and The History Channel.

Also at Psychic Symposium:

  • Psychic and healer Sunny Dawn Johnston presents “A Psychic Investigator’s Journey to the Other Side!” She will discuss how psychics and mediums receive divine guidance and the tools you can use to tap in and recognize your own abilities. As a psychic detective, she will share how she works “real” cases, bringing closure to families of missing loved ones. “Everyone has the natural gift of intuition and with training, desire and commitment, you can learn to develop your gifts and be of service to others in more ways than you could ever imagine!” Johnston says. “It just takes an open heart and an open mind to begin!”
  • Lena Swanson, a professional animal communicator and healer, will present: “Do Animals Have Souls?” She will share the incredible experiences she’s had speaking with animals and will answer questions such as: Do animals have souls? What are they like? Are they different or the same as human souls? Can an animal have a past life as a human or a human as an animal? Lena will do short telepathic animal communication sessions with a few participants whose names are randomly drawn.

Admission to Psychic Symposium 2010 is $7 at the door – $2 discount each for two or more people. Speaker tickets include admission to the symposium; advance tickets are available for a discounted rate at or call 1.877.776.5244. Tickets for keynoters also are available at the door.

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