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Enemy. Are you my enemy? That’s a question I have learned to ask myself in more ways than just one. It’s just that a friend of mine recently pointed out to me that a neighbor down the street from him is from a country that doesn’t like our kind. He is our enemy. Interesting….

Then I fell asleep that night and dreamed…. I was standing in the hallway of my friend’s house just as the front door burst open – and there they were, our enemies that lived down the street! They walked right in, mumbling words in a conversation they were having in their own language. I stood there frantic, crying, telling them, “I didn’t know you didn’t like us. I don’t want anything to happen!”

So, how does all of this affect my health?

We are all connected as human beings. We can fragment, we can unite. We are worlds within worlds. Down to our microscopic being, there is still an infinite universe waiting to be discovered. And yet, we already know it on some level of existence. Who are these enemies I am supposed to perceive as being separate, isolated entities that are out to do me harm?

How does it all affect my health?

My enemy is a connected reflection of my own consciousness. My enemy is me. My fellow human being is a physical manifestation of my own brain neutron that can unite within my thought patterns or be a constant struggle. On a grander scale, the global brain conflicts at every turn, and in an individual’s thinking process, mind patterns constantly struggle to find self-reasoning and harmony.

Like a river that flows unrestricted, nourishing, cleansing and loving, such is the experience of a universe that brings with it good health and inner joy. For why would I pray to such magnificence and ask that I be protected from my enemies at the same time? I am asking to be protected from myself. I pray to be protected from creating my own inner hostility and conflict. I pray to think healthy and whole.

Transforming and understanding myself enables me to look at my neighbor, and even my friend, as a learning experience that brings us all back together as being the individualized sum of one. There is great joy in that. There is a flow of good health when my inner self looks outward with unity and love.

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