We are Responsible for Our Lives


Last of an eight-part series

This is the final article in a series of eight based on The Eight Principles of Inner Peace as channeled by the Light Collective through renowned intuitive Kathryn Harwig. These principles are simple, yet profound, and apply to all beings in the cosmos. The essence of all eight principles is inner peace, and personal empowerment – the powerful ability of humans to create the world of their choosing.

All of the principles are interconnected, and as we can see from this quote by the Light Collective, Principle Eight – You Are Responsible, is directly connected to Principle One -We Are All One: “You Are Responsible is the second-most important of the principles. You cannot change anyone but yourself, but by changing yourself you change everyone, because we are all one. You could potentially be much more joyful if you would work harder on changing yourself and less hard on changing others. If all beings did this, great change would take place.”

As eternal beings, we choose our various lives, where we will live, what type of being we will be, what we will do, etc. Of this, the Light Collective says: “Earth is not the easiest place to learn, to choose, so only brave souls choose to be human. It is known, you are known, as mavericks, adventurers and, some would say, foolish. You are greatly admired and feared by most of the beings that choose quieter lifetimes in quieter cosmos.”

They go on to explain: “No one has pre-planned your life. Prior to entering your physical body you entered into a plan. You decided your plan for coming here. When you got here you didn’t remember your plan. You create your plan and your friend creates his plan, and your friend’s friend creates her plan, and then you all attempt to not trip over each other’s plan. On a cosmic level you all join in on a cosmic plan and on your collective plan, and somehow or other you muddle with it. There is no great God plan, for God’s great plan was to allow you to plan. And God has wondered ever since!”

You come to Earth for a purpose, which is to learn how to be joyful in the circumstances that you have chosen. You have chosen to come into this planet with members of your soul collective. You and your parents had a cup of coffee in spirit and determined who would be the father, who would be the child, and some of the circumstances that would happen – many of them based in fear. You chose to enter into these circumstances for the purpose of learning not to be fearful, but learning to choose love and to grow in who you already are.

All things are not pre-determined. Once you are on the planet, you make mistakes and you choose fear. Some came in thinking they would be a certain way, and then chose fear and became another way.

You can’t always protect yourself from someone who is dangerous or criminal, but even there you can choose your response. While it may not change the action, it will change how you view the action, and your response will change everything.

It’s always your choice as to how you come to this Earth. It’s also a principle, which many people don’t find appealing, to think they are responsible for the life they are currently living, that they have chosen and created their life. It’s true, however, that you may not have chosen all of the ways in which it played out because you have only control over your own life. There are many others in free-will circumstances who are playing out different scenarios, and so this is what makes life so interesting here on Earth.

We all came into this lifetime knowing we would be living through the greatest transition mankind has ever seen. Because we are all one, other beings in the cosmos are watching us. They know that we have free will, and how we handle this change will affect not only us, but also them.

To assist us in order that we may successfully adjust to this change, the Light Collective has come to remind us of The Eight Principles. They provide the inner peace and personal empowerment we need to transition to a new way of life with love rather than fear.

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Dorothy Lee
Dorothy Lee - an author, educator, speaker and trainer - is the founding director of "Spiritual Insights," an educational cooperative whose sole purpose is to help spiritual seekers live in joy through inner peace and personal empowerment. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Education, a Master's Degree in Guidance & Counseling, and has completed post-graduate work in Psychology. A retired teacher, she is now a presenter at conferences throughout the country, including the Edge Life Expos. She is the author of Invest in Joy and The 8 Principles to Inner Peace. Visit www.spiritualinsights.me. Contact her at [email protected] or call 763.497.0549.


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