De-Emphasizing Fear – Notes on darkness and illumination

In the midst of the accumulating “dark” or introspective energies of the Northern Hemisphere’s winter months, I can’t help but notice the parallels to our outer world, where fear is being created in greater and greater abundance.

But is the creation of fear really happening successfully? Or are enough people seeing this constant Chicken Little “the sky is falling” attitude around events as something else? I am in the midst of wondering about darkness and the role lightworkers and those who are stepping away from polarity are being called to play in the world today.

Releasing the importance that we unwittingly give to both our small daily personal fears and our globally manifesting fears will change the choices humanity has available to it in the very near future.

It is time for those who can to address their own personal fears, so that our shared unconsciousness has within it a pattern of standing up honestly to fear and knowing it for what it is: a disconnection from Spirit. And when we are responding to fear, we are not responding to Spirit.

This is particularly true around fear and finances, fear of the future, fear of government, fear of swine flu and illness and the intentional creation of fear around 2012. Ultimately we are each responsible for addressing our own fears. And remembering our roles as co-creators. If we can create fear, we can un-create fear.

Uncreating fear
I present here some ideas about uncreating, or de-emphasizing, fear that Archangel Michael and others have shared with me over the past few months.

Just mentioning that there are “dark” forces implies that there are “light” forces, as well. When we identify something as dark, we are placing what we perceive as ourselves in polarity. But we do live in a polarized world, where some things are healthful to our bodies and some things are not healthful.

“The role of lightworkers,” Archangel Michael says, “is not to judge the darkness nor fear it, but to offer illumination to those people and situations that request it.

“That which you perceive as dark or fearful may only be your own perceptions informing you that it is not something for you to engage with. Going into battle with anything means going into battle with yourself. Do you want to be embraced and loved or pushed and shoved around?”

As we enter into the next five years, each solstice will bring us deeper into the well where darkness dwells. Here fear is our true foe, for fear is a signal and symptom of our separation from Spirit. The ability to love what is different from ourselves, especially that which we perceive as dark, is a sign of our unity with the conscious of God or All That Is.

As we embrace rather than reject the darkness, we dissolve that which is feeding the fear in our society. As the saying goes, “make love…not war.”

The motion into Unity Consciousness, for me, seems to be one of slow and gentle change. Change that sometimes is imperceptible, until we all turn a corner and look back for a moment at where we have been. In that moment, it is as if humanity takes a collective breath — amazed at how far we have come. And at that same moment, there are elements within our shared subconsciousness (or perhaps our shared unconsciousness) that quake with fear. These aspects of us know that change is coming, and know that this means change for them, as well.

Sometimes I feel that these elements then empower odd behaviors in people, particularly behaviors that create emotions we associate with trauma. These big emotions, such as fear, keep many people’s attention and energies focused on the external world fending off what they fear. This slows down the collective progression of humanity’s movement into a deeper communion with Spirit.

Fear and 2012
My own sense, and that of my guides, including Thoth and Archangel Michael, is that the date of December 21, 2012, marks the astrological end of a calendar cycle. Each year our Gregorian calendar ends on December 31, marking a single evolution of the Earth around our sun. With the exception of the millennium change and Y2K fear, the ending of the printed calendar year does not bring up within us the fear that the planet might for some reason cease to turn and therefore the sun cease to rise on January 1.

The Mayan calendar also is based on the cycles of the sun, moon and planets. It is much more in depth than our Gregorian solar calendar. And it stops at the point where, if it were written as a musical score, there would be a repeat sign. Meaning, “and do it again from the beginning.”

Of course, I’m saying this because I see that as we create fear around anything, we are distracting ourselves from seeing the advantages and possibilities that Spirit is placing at our feet. As we move through and beyond 2012, we are merely moving into the next calendar cycle. This anticipated date — December 21, 2012 — marks the end of a cycle of 13,000 years of our galaxy orbiting outside of a defining connection to Spirit. It has been a time in which we have played with being ourselves, with free will, and with what one of my guides referred to as “this new Y chromosome experiment.”

According to my guides, we came up with some pretty nifty ideas. The isolation that we experienced during the past 13,000 years forced humanity and the other consciousnesses abiding with us in the galaxy to function in ways that have given ideas to consciousness in other dimensions and realities.

As we move past 2012 we will be “reunited” consciously with many levels of reality that we are just now beginning to suspect might exist. Those of us who can see, sense or feel other beings are being called upon to help point out to others how they themselves might see, feel or sense their own reconnection to Spirit.

But fear is also at play. Those elements within our shared unconscious and/or subconscious are used to the old ways of polarity and separation from Spirit. For me, the emotion of fear means that the human has lost a connection with Spirit. To the extent that any one of us experiences fear, we are being reminded that we are disconnected from Spirit.

Trying to resolve fear by running around in the external world and creating vast systems of protection feeds the very forces that are creating the fear. And it pulls us back into polarity. When we act out of fear, we create more fear. And we unconsciously strengthen those elements within our unconscious and subconscious that are themselves wanting us to remain where we are in polarity.

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Norma Gentile, with Archangel Michael
Norma Gentile, sound shaman, is a natural intuitive and channel for Mary, Archangel Michael and the Hathors. She maintains a private healing practice, offering sessions in English and Spanish, as well as singing healing concerts and teaching workshops. Her CDs of live sound healings, Songs of Spirit, is available at and iTunes. To see and hear her sound healings, articles and podcasts go to her website


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