Never underestimate the power of your soul


Some people view life as a wheel that keeps on spinning, from birth to death to rebirth. But as we move through life, the wheel spins on without our notice, around and around, where it stops, nobody knows – a calliope that returns you to where you began if unfinished business calls you forth.

They say you can never go home again, but many people keep returning home, back to where they began.

When your soul has something for you to learn, it will not stop until the job is done. The lesson may appear to you in nine million variations until you get it right. And, if you insist upon ignoring the lesson, or refuse to see the lesson for what it is, or pull your hair out because the lesson keeps returning to slap you in the face – and you scream out at the top of your lungs, “I cannot take this anymore. What do you want me to do?” – the lesson merely circles back around, and you eventually find yourself staring at it again. And you thought Groundhog Day was just a movie about groundhogs?

How often do you think a personal challenge has been overcome before it rears its head up all over again?

Life is elastic. It stretches beyond your wildest dream, and snaps back with a vengeance when cause demands an effect.

Perhaps you have a problem with alcohol, and despite prior attempts at treatment, you find yourself back at square one as handcuffs are once again being snapped around your wrists.

Perhaps you have a problem with anger, and despite your many apologies, you find yourself once again confronting the people you love, people who refuse to take it any more.

Or perhaps your lesson is an inability to face up to reality, to take responsibility, to look life squarely in the eyes and accept it for what it is. You experience all of the consequences and pay the price, and even take classes and complete counseling or read every self-help book in the library. Months go by and you block out the past and forget all of what you had just endured and suddenly find yourself in a calm stretch of quiet water. You float for a long time. And then the boat begins rocking and it doesn’t take long before you realize that your world once again is out of control.

Of course, I generalize here, and exaggerate with examples that I can only imagine, but the wheel keeps on turning, no matter what, no matter how slight the transgression or how dark the path you decided to walk down one evening when you blew caution to the wind.

All it takes is a moment of forgetfulness. You forget who you truly are and forget why you are here. And it’s not just you. It’s every single one of us. We all forget. We all are present with reality until we aren’t. We all relearn lessons until we truly get them.
Some of us, however, feel like we are spinning out of control, way out of our projected orbit. Others of us are sick of the spinning wheel and feel like ending it all.

But you cannot give up, because of one important fact: You created the wheel. You wrote the instruction that said, “Proceed with life training and do not stop until the lesson is learned. Under any conditions.”

Know that it is you, my friend, who ultimately wants to be free. It is you who wants to be present, to move through life being able to follow life’s cues without the fog of addiction or distraction. It is you who wants to break on through to the other side – not death, but the other side of the game where you see clearly what is in front of you and know how to respond, no longer burdened by that dizzying wheel.

Just follow the cues of your soul and you will not be disappointed.

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