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Edge Question of the Week:
If you could wake up tomorrow in the body of someone else currently living, whom would you pick and why?


Amy Putkonen:
Just this morning, I was sitting out on the deck watching a bunch of squirrels running from one tree to another, chasing each other. I was amazed at how they live in a completely different world than we do. Their homes are the trees and if two trees connect up high, they don’t even need the ground. I am with Alison, that would be pretty cool to take on the body of an animal for a bit and see what their lives are like. I was also thinking of the Dalai Lama like Max and Rose.

Cassandra R.:
I wouldn’t want to waste a precious moment of being someone other than myself. With all that I have experienced and learned, I am brought to this place in time. And, even tho’ I am not always in a state of what is perceived as “happiness” (there is a lesson in all of it), it is where I am supposed to be. I am grateful for my place in the Universe.

For years I would have jumped at the chance to be anyone other than me, but now I am excited to be in the here and now experiencing the wondrous things happening in my life. I also don’t want to trade my problems for anyone else’s…(;-}

Cathy Combs:
I’d want to wake up as myself. I’ve just published my first book, Quantum Prayer: It’s Already Answered!, and I’m living the life of my dreams as I prepare to move and travel the country writing, speaking and teaching.

I would like to be the Dalai Lama. I want to really know what he knows. Understand what he feels, here people the way he hears people.

I have to agree with all who are at peace with being who they are and desire not to experience this existence through other’s eyes. We are all one so why desire to be someone who we already are? Peace and happy journey to all.

I want to stay in my own body learning my lessons and viewing the world thru my own eyes. That is not to say I haven’t en JOY ed reading about other’s life paths and lessons learned. One of the greatest ways I learn is to read, understand, observe, and integrate. The world is still AWESOME. I love being a light bearer sharing love, light, insight, integrity, and enthusiasm.

I would like to wake up tomorrow in the body of Carrie Underwood because everything in her life seems to be very positive. She’s a beautiful person.

i would pick Mother Teresa for may other body. There I would daily appreciate the total dependence upon my faith and sense the distinctive preciousness of all life. However, I do enjoy savoring the abundant blessing of love, respect and special friends my life has experiences daily. .

Rick Schuster:
Why would I ever desire to experience My Self as anyone other than whom I AM?
Why would any One desire to experience their own Self as anyone other than the I AM they are?
Maybe this is where possession comes in…..not happy in your own energy….try living in another’s energy!!

William Ricci:
This comes across as very closed minded and not interested in other peoples ideas, experiences, and views of the world. You are assuming everything flows in one direction and is experienced in one way only. Does not the views and experience of others help ourselves to grow? If we are all connected and share energy of the universe, through a collective awareness, I will not shut my self off to others.

Max Mashek:
If I could wake up in someone else’s body-(who is alive today), it would be The Dalai Lama…I want to laugh with gusto and hold peace in my eyes and heart while I view the injustice in the world-like he does. I am trying to ascend to his level in this lifetime but I stumble now and then.

My husband so I could understand what he feels and why he does the things the way he does.

Mary OBrien:
When the call went out to come to Earth and be part of this Grand Experiment only those souls brave enough would be chosen. I feel I was one of those and it was an honor to be part of this. I would not want to be anyone else other than myself knowing I learned my lessons well and now able to share with the future generations. If I chose this body and all the lessons that came along with it then I feel I’m right where I should be, making things happen.

Alison James:
I would choose the body of an eagle to soar high and feel the power in my wings and be able to have the keen sight to watch over my loved ones and the grace to ride the thermals, and the protectiveness to keep the ones I love safe. All the while embracing all the fresh air within my air sacs.

William Ricci:
Brian Greene, so I could better understand particle physics, string theory and the origins of the universe.

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