Question for June 21, 2010


Edge Question of the Week:
What is your Quest?


Harmony Green:
“Wake up, we are the ones we have been waiting for, no one else is coming; get up and do what you are here to do.”

My quest is to be sure that I am following the path that had been planned for me. If I am unsure to what it is, them my quest is to discover it.

Mary O’Brien:
My quest for this journey is to learn, share, enjoy and be all that I can be and help Mother Earth ascend to the next dimension.

To be a reflection of eternal love.

Anne Brady:
My personal quest is to discover and highlight the pieces of myself that make me beautiful and to come to terms with the pieces I struggle with and see them for the teachers they are. To live happily with in all of it. Namaste’

daviD Hook:
i quest deeper connection with my inner possessions (uniqueness and special giftedness) to enjoy my beingness and be nourished by the precious positives of others. Life is sop exhilarating with authenticity, loyalty and spiritual unity is sensed on many levels.

My quest has been to learn everything I can about everything I can. I’ve told people that my fear is that I will die before I know it all! However, I have complete confidence that when I reach the other side, I will.

To joyfully co-create with Spirit.

My quest this time around is to allow all goodness to flow thru me and co-create goodness with all who desire.

My quest is to create and be a spirit of love and peace. To live without wanting but of giving.

Mary Welch:
My quest is to be centered in the present moment…co-creating my life by embracing what is and feeling grateful in the experiences of both joy and pain.

Cathi Curen:
I have been on a quest to find the most progressive parenting techniques to serve parents and the individuals who work with children…those who are nurturing and influencing the future. To that I am passionate about sharing those methods through media outlets and find The EDGE a supportive partner on that journey, by creating a community for us to share ideas on this wonderful journey!

Desiree de Angelise:
My quest is sharing ideas to which I resonate which feels like “sharing light”– Unconditional love – awareness that any being, including human, deserves love and acceptance, not manipulation and abuse or treated as an “object”; that movement, colors, flowers, music and beauty to which we resonate carry vibrations important to our wellbeing and healing; and that in order to create our new world we need to honor and reconnect with elementals and elements and work with them as we did in ancient times.

Marie Wilson:
My current quest is to be a loving and inspiring mom who reflects spirit and joy, injecting that essence into the daily evolution of my son.

Bonny Kraus:
My Quest is to help humanity remember the truth of who they really are as they let go of their false self leading to the experience of living from their authentic soul-self reality. Through Integrated Energy Therapy(IET), I help students to let go of all their programming and conditioning empowering them to reclaim their authenticity and wholeness.

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