Question for June 8, 2010


Edge Question of the Week:
If you could deliver one message into the soul of every human being on the planet, what would it be?


Harmony Green:
“Wake up, we are the ones we have been waiting for, no one else is coming; get up and do what you are here to do.”

Lisa Venable Lisa:

Mary OBrien:
It’s all right to open your heart to love and be the love that you seek.

Alison James:
Be kind to all

You are very much loved and are never truely alone.

Nothing is impossible…

Dr. Kim Eisen:
Have Fun . . . whatever it takes, just do it. And, if you forgot how, then you really need it.

Bonny Kraus:
The world of the Ego is an illusion. You are God/Goddess, the authentic soul-self. If you choose to alter the world in a beneficial way begin your life from the truth of who you really are and do not allow any thing (the illusion) to distract you…..

Kathryn Harwig:
Don’t judge anything.

You are unconditionally loved — always, everywhere and completely

Sat Nam (Truth is the true identity)

No matter who you think you are, you always, in all ways, are so much more than that!

Ride the wave of Life, with your surf board made of Love.

Cynthia Haasken:
We create our world, individually and collectively. One by one, we create love and peace or hate and destruction. Which will you create for yourself ?

Love our Mother Earth and our neighbors. Keep peace and serenity close to our hearts.

Believe in your greatness and the greatness of others. Be at peace with yourself and others.

A Bruce Boraas ND:
God loves all Its creation.
Out of that love, perhaps forgiveness and gratitude can help us find love for ourselves.
Out of your love for yourself, comes love for others.
Love yourself no matter what, and you may find your love for others.
Love for others can bring respect, and peace in the ……….
And so on…..

Lori Daniel Falk:
At every point in history, even during tumultuous times, there are always those who THRIVE. I believe you can be one of those people.

You are loved.

Mary Welch:
You are a sacred expression of a life force energy…and so is everyone else. Stay AWAKE to that truth and co-create your life from compassion and joy!

Deborah Lynn11:
Love yourself as much as you can, accept yourself as much as you can. When you do, then you can accept the whole world

BE Your Self!!

Love your Self, turn your attention toward the self in love and with love. Try this: Think of a time in your life when you experienced unconditional love toward another; an example might have been toward your newborn child, or toward your grandparent or parent. Then feel this unconditional love, direct it toward your self and open to it. Feel what it feels like to really receive unconditional love. Drink it in. Consciously daily, work toward honoring and loving the Self. It is through loving the Self that all things are possible and all limitation drops away.

Desiree de Angelise:
Thank you for being here. You now know to the depths of your being that you are loved unconditionally and that you “make a difference” with every smile, kind thought or phrase you think, write or speak, any talent, intelligence, creative project etc. that you share, and any empowerment you accept for yourself or give to others. You deserve to live in beauty, joy and love and to claim them for yourself and those you love. Let your heart sing your own unique song of joy and share it with all with whom you connect. Blessings…

Look into my eyes and see yourself. We are one. Love your neighbor as yourself as your neighbor, you, I, and the whole world are part of the One.

rosie magel:
There is only peace, kindness and love you feel for everything on our mother earth.

Nancy Freaner:
We are one! Therefore treat yourself and everyone you come in contact with love to create more and more love in your life and help change the world one step at a time.

Wake up and realize that we the people can make big change in the universe. Small individual changes is all it takes to spark revolutions. Plant a garden to stand up to Monsanto. Don’t shop at Walmart if you hate corporatism. Buy in-season food from your local co-op. As Gandhi said: “Be the change you wish to see in the world”.

seek peace in all things …

Love one another and all of God’s creation as God loves us.

Peace…let there be peace.

It is time to wake up

Diana Sneed:


Doug Crandall:
Party on. By which I mean, you know you are safe, forever, so begin to act like it. This is not only the source of unity, it is also the projection of unity. One one way is one any way. Right?

Have a massage as least once a month. It will help you stay grounded with all the spiritual stuff, and keep you healthy.

Sue Binger:
To know and feel peace within yourself because deep within your being you know that you are unconditionally loved by God.

Kathy Parkin:
Love is the most important thing!

Cathi Curen:
You are here for a purpose…Express yourself!

Lynn Koll:
As we head into the 9th Wave of the Mayan Calendar, “Now” is the time, dear Souls, to wake up into Unity Consciousness. Pay attention to those events and situations which provide opportunities for unity among all diconnected groups and nations, and open your hearts to more tolerance, love, acceptance, gratitude and enthusiasm for all that is transpiring in our world. Raise your vibrations even higher!

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