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Edge Question of the Week:
If you could have one super power, which would you choose – and why?


I would want the power to bring the gift of (in)sight to dogmatic religious believers so that they could see the Unity in all spiritual systems. Thus, the end of religious close-mindedness and bigotry.

so many to choose from…. love is a great one. Teleportation is very tempting. however, I would have to choose Time Travel. Oh the history! I would love to watch the progress our species has made throughout the ages. Not to mention along with visiting historic events or locations, I would (possibly) be able to meet or witness figures that have had great influence.
I enjoy reading the answers so far; noticing that nearly all of them are based in love and the desire to help each other 🙂

Wonderful question. I’d want the super power to remove time from our reality. There would be no past, no future. The past and he future would be NOW. If we were not constrained by the concept of time there would be no need to be stressed. We would be more caring, loving and receptive.

rosie magel:
I would make it that human kind would only think of peace on earth. Be kind to each other,every creature on earth and be good to our planet. There would be no more wars,abuse,hunger ,worry and nobody would be scared.Only love and goodness in people.

I would love to go back to the time when I could fly. Free of the restraints of gravity I’d be soaring, tumbling dipping, and climbing. I want to experience this not only in my dreams, but in my daily life.

The most useful superpower I can think of is that of Letting Go. It is in the Letting Go that there is Allowing and Acceptance, and this is where change, magic, miracles and manifestation occur.

Cheryl Hiltibran:
I want the Super Power of Love, the kind of love that heals sadness, grief, overcome differences, creates friends out of foes and brings joy and happiness. This Super Power of Love would be a healthy cotangent spreading out in concentric circles casting an ever expanding field of love that would bring peace to the minds of all mankind. I imagine it dissolving barriers letting us come together as the unified, collective heart and mind of humanity. So that we could focus our attention on spreading compassion and love to all living things including Mother Earth. With love we can resolve and heal all things.

david H:
My greatest desire is to possess and harvest the distinctive healthier insight to unmask authenticity of intentions and actions. I feel so blessed when people communicate with unconditional appreciate of the value of each other.

Chris LaFontaine:
I’m going to go with flying, like Neo in The Matrix. I’d be happy to skip waiting in line at the airport to prove I’m not a threat. At least not the kind those in the matrix are looking for 🙂

Suzanne Ahjira:
Ha! Great question. Hands-down, my answer would be teleportation. That would make planetary work more fun and and give new meaning to the world explore.

Joni Polehna:
I would choose to be able to give as God gives with open hands without expecting anything in return…wouldn’t that feel wonderful?!?

Rowan Glaser:
I would choose the power of influence. I look around and see so many people feeling powerless over circumstances in their life and in their world. This is a false vision, everyone has the immeasurable power to create their own reality and to change what they don’t like in the outside world. Take in point the oil spill in the gulf – I brought a flyer to my hair stylist about where to send hair clippings to assist in the clean up. She responded that they were too small to make a difference and would not listen further.
I would use influence to make others see how beautiful, perfect, and powerful they really are. (so…did I win? do I get to have this power soon?!?)

Dixie Miller:
If I had Super Powers, I would feed and heal the sick people in this world. I would provide hope where there is no hope.

cheryl bennett:
Flying………Because I think it would be awesome to be able to just go where every you wanted without a vehicle and to be able to feel the wind rushing past you and see things from a different perspective

Wikipedia defines power as the “rate at which work is performed or energy is converted.” I have believed that ones power comes into reality when one understands their life journey through Wisdom and Love. Buddha states that wisdom is “Believe nothing just because a so called wise person said it: a belief is generally held; its is said in ancient books; it is said to be of divine origin or someone else believes it. Believe only what you yourself test and judge to be True.”
Mohandas K. Gandhi says, “Where there is Love there is Life.” My guides told me: “You are here to spread Unconditional Love but first you must learn how to Love yourself.” Later my guides told me that “Love is Lots of Vital Energy”. My life journey experiences has shown me that when I combine my Wisdom with Love, my consciousness and energy create the my reality. In June of 2007 I recieved a message: “Get out of the Stock market.” I followed this wisdom and love. Thank You, Mother/Father God and Thank You Ralph . Master Kuthumi channel by Ronna Prince said: Power is the capacity to be able to create your reality.” Thank You Master Kuthumi and Ronna.
Life is Truly Fun and Full of Mysteries. :)))
Namaste from Ralph A. Wolf, Seeker of Truth and Wisdom :))

Kimberle G. Wiley:
If I could have one superpower, it would be mind control and I would utilize that power on the current world leaders influencing them to end the wars, switch to sustainable forms of energy, support agriculture programs which are non GMO and actually nourishing and that would be affordable by the world populations. I would also like to steer the FDA/FTC into the regulation of the drug industry not the vitamin and organic food industry thus providing an environment of support for a fitness and nutritionally based lifestyle!

I would choose the power of instantaneous healing. Helping beings on this Earth makes me happy. Many at this time are having many problems with physical or emotional diseases. Healing like this would bring them happiness. It would also bring me happiness too!

Christ Consciousness!
Because, my ego would be out of my way and I could just love, all the time, everyone and everything. How cool would that be!?

To breathe under water. Then I would explore the remaining areas of oceans that have yet to be explored and discovered.

I would love to be able to look into the future..I often wonder if I have chosen the right path and made the right decisions in regards to: family, work, relationships..etc…

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