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“Telling the future” is both a time-honored description of what psychics do and a completely inaccurate assessment of what psychics do. Even though we are labeled “fortune tellers” by the press and media, most reputable intuitives would tell you that the future is simply not tellable. I am not even sure there is such a thing as a future.

What I mean by that is that the future is not set in stone. No one can look into your life and tell you with certainty what will happen. Events are not determined until they occur. And, since time is an illusion, I believe that we can change the past as easily as we can the future (which will most certainly change the future, but that is a topic for another column).

So, what good are psychics then? In these days of rapid change and uncertainty, that is actually a really good question to ask. I don’t do private sessions anymore, but that is not because I don’t believe they are valuable. A good psychic has the ability to see your present…your now…with a clarity that you might lack. He or she can tell you what is going on in your life, what may be holding you back from being all you desire and then see potential pathways of events that may occur if you continue to do what you are currently doing.

I would turn in my membership card to the psychic club if I actually thought I could predict the future. I just do not want to know or be responsible for giving that information to others. Think about it. The only 100 percent accurate prediction anyone can make is that each of us will die. Do you really want to know when and how? How would your life change if you knew you would get divorced in ten years or if you knew your job would be terminated? For that matter, how would you live if you knew you would win the lottery in five years, fall madly in love with someone new or write a best-selling novel?

My point is that if you had that knowledge, it would change how you currently live and view the world. Then, those changes would alter your future and the forecast would turn out to be “wrong.”

When I look into the “future” for people, what I am actually doing is seeing a myriad of potential paths. Generally one of the paths glows brighter than the others. I take that as an intuitive sign that the path is the most likely one for that person. However, if the person changes herself, her mind, or if something else happens, that pathway might dim and another take on the glow.

What is happening lately is that our pathways are morphing and changing with such rapidity that I get dizzy looking at them. I might glance into my psychic roadmap in the morning and see one brightly lit path. By afternoon that path may have completely disappeared and another one risen to take its place. As our world barrels down the road to the new era we are beginning, our paths are changing almost daily. Not only is the future not carved in stone…it is not even written in pencil anymore.

Like it or not, there is very little that is certain in this world, now or in the future. It is no wonder that many of us feel like we are in a speeding car without a steering wheel. Like it or not though, we are in charge of our lives and responsible for the things that do and will happen to us. The hallmark of this new era is that we all develop and nurture our intuitive ability. Then, on a daily or perhaps constant basis, we can ask our intuition for guidance. We can glance at the pathway, change what we don’t like and follow what we do. To live freely and joyfully, we need to live in the now, altering and changing our paths daily to meet our needs and desires.

I am a great believer in psychic guidance from others. Because we have such strong emotions about ourselves and our paths, we can’t always see what is in front of our psychic noses. So, continue to get readings. There are some absolutely amazing psychics in the Twin Cities and elsewhere who can be of great help to you. In addition, make it a daily practice to sit for just a moment, ask for the day’s path and then follow it if you like it and change it if you don’t.

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Kathryn Harwig
Kathryn Harwig is an internationally known author and speaker who has written five books. She appears regularly on television and radio and hosts a monthly intuitive forum in the Minneapolis area. She is a former attorney who now dedicates her life to spreading messages of joy and hope. Contact Kathryn at


  1. As a 5-plus generational psychic with 40 active professional years of service, I clearly see what the authoress is going through. I call it the intuitive crisis. Many people, when they have a strong intuitive flash or an overwhelming experience, get so carried away that they change their lives to study and learn, and in that process decide to teach others and save the world all at once for their living. They suddenly develop a great business, write books from their new inspiration, and are ultimately sidetracked from their growth. In the ’70s, the EST movement took over. In the ’80s, it was Tony Robbins, the ’90s saw life coaches, and this century starts with the Secret and the intuitive’s mass marketing. None of these journeys, paths, philosophies of sorts, and careers are ultimately sustainable.They are built on a weak foundation. When the foundation starts to crumble (the business starts to falter, the intuitives’ own life is not what they expected) they get into a type of panic mode and lose focus. The answer is to really do your homework. That requires more than an epiphany or two, workshops, classes and marketing.

  2. Your article gave me hope. A few months ago I had a reading that my husband and I would not stay together. That reading has weighed heavily on my heart. After reading your article, I realized that by us already attending counseling since that reading that we have most likely already alterated our path. Thank you for giving me that hope and renewed faith in our relationship.

  3. My reading of this column is not that psychics cannot tell the future, but that what they do see is only relevant in the present moment of the reading. Thanks, Kathryn!


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