Who Should Recognize me?


I recognized when I went to the doctor’s office last month how rare it is that I go there. The doctor held out her hand as to introduce herself to me. After the cordial shake, she realized (with some embarrassment) that I had been her patient for the last 15 years. I just hadn’t had many opportunities to visit, so it’s understandable that she didn’t recognize me. Why hadn’t I needed to go that often?

Years ago, it seems that when I had a physical problem it would just hang around, or disappear with medication and then re-appear in the same or different form at some later date. One recurring theme in my life was a lower back problem. Every time it appeared (as I recognize it now), it was due to emotional issues that rocked the very foundation of my life. It all seems so clear now, yet believe me, it didn’t back then. Along with it I usually had a lack of overall energy and just not feeling right.

What I’ve come to realize since then are two things: how my emotions played such a large part in the physical realm called my body, and, how to put on my “big girl pants” and do what needs to be done. It’s different for everyone, yet I can’t even count how many times physical issues for me and clients disappear when the catalyst emotion is found and released. Sometimes our body holds that emotion for us, until and unless we make choices that we may be afraid of – like changing the dynamics of a relationship, getting a new job, releasing old wounds or gaining the ability to accept where we are at.

After I understood the huge role that emotions played in my physical body, I decided to walk my talk and go after all those hurts and disappointments that still brewed in my unconscious, because I didn’t want to have those affect my physical and emotional health. It was fun and easy. Yes, fun. Although things brew up for me on occasion and will in the future, the results are that my doctor doesn’t recognize me – and that’s great. Even better, my doctor declared that there is nothing wrong with me, even with the symptoms I had.

I knew I wasn’t out of the woods. I still had symptoms, such as low energy and low back pain. So it was up to me to find the path out of the woods, and I did. It was my scared self that didn’t want to hurt someone by declaring what was in my heart. It’s time to move on. As stated in my Edge article of few months ago, “Pre-Grief: The Gateway to Grace,” I started the process by pre-grieving what it might be like to be without this person in my life, their possible pain, my pain, everything from every angle I could imagine, and if it was the right choice. Afterward, there was a sense of peace and clarity and the choice became obvious.

Now it was time to follow through with my choice. Sometimes we can know we need to do things, yet fear holds us back and we remain in emotional or physical pain because we don’t want to follow through with what is right for us, although that is a choice in itself. Whatever choice we make, we must accept it. There is a reason we’ve decided that it is the best choice, even if we don’t completely understand the why of it yet. Within a few days after proceeding with expressing my choice, my pain was gone and my energy was back on track. All the medication I could have taken for pain wasn’t going to resolve my internal conflict. The pain may have gone away temporarily, but the body has genius ways of letting you know there is something to resolve.

This is only an example of how unresolved hurts, fear of the future or fear of making a choice might show up. Yet, the moral of the story is: Where in your life do you not feel emotional or physical health? Recognize in yourself, honestly, what haven’t you been able to resolve, say or do that your emotional or physical body is screaming at you to look at. Look at it, release the conflict inside using whatever tools you have available, achieve clarity, make a choice and free yourself and your body from the conflict. I rarely get sick anymore, and when I do I look for where I’m not speaking my truth, even if it’s after the doctor visit.

The powerful tool I use is EFT-Emotional Freedom Techniques to get through almost anything, because it is so fast and efficient. I’m a professional and most of the time I can do this on my own. Yet, when I’m stuck I surrender and ask for help from a colleague when I’m too attached to the situation or outcome.

My tip for you is to try this. You can get the “Easy EFT – Quick Start Guide” for free on my website. Play with it and if you need further help, call a professional.

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Kim Eisen is a Life Breakthrough Success Coach and Experienced and Intuitive Master of EFT "Tapping." She has helped hundreds of clients to heal their emotional wounds and create a more abundant life since 1999. Kim is a co-author with Dr. Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, et al., in the book Wake Up: Live the Life you Love - Finding Personal Freedom. She is the creator of many programs and seminars like "Get Rid of My Stuff," "Transcend," "Attraction Today" and "Shortcut to Success." Get your Free "Easy EFT - Quick Start Guide" at www.DoEFT.com. Set up a free 15-minute chat with Kim at www.SuccessAndEFT.com or call 612.802.4325.



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