Activate Your Crystalline Systems and DNA

    The NASA Schumann Resonance – the frequency of the Earth – is rising as shown by the Ogden (UT) and Boulder (CO) Universal Clocks and Atomic Clocks, which now have to be reset every two months for accuracy. It was thought when built in the 1950s that they would always have perfect time. But frequency of the Earth is rising! And if your body is dense, dark, and full of carbon, then you are experiencing what is called illness and pain and accelerated aging.

    We are in a marathon: forming a whole new physiology. Ounce by ounce, our glands are struggling to regain their weight, size and functions as when we were in our late 20s. Your red/white blood cells, lymph fluid, cell salts, fatty tissue and optic nerve: Becoming activated as never before is now possible.

    The Crystalline system, composed of quartz-like character, receives refined messages from other crystal sources, such as free-formed amino acids that are stacked in particular ratios. Like fiber optic, your inner crystalline relays wires will strike points on your brain. These receptors (as those in a radio, watch or computer) are crystal and will be able to fire as never before. New codes will start directing how every cell thereafter in formed.

    You now can build a more advanced body.

    Future Healing
    Vibrational Medicine is what is required for true healing to occur. Everything vibrates. It has been said that our pattern of perfection existed long before we were born. Distortions in this energetic pattern is at the heart of all states of dis-ease and dis-harmony. Knowledge of our multidimensional, subtle natures is the key to understanding the process that engenders them, and most importantly, how to re-establish balance.

    Products such as PXP, by Enzacta International, help us re-establish balance. PXP is a silica quartz, like rare rice blend at a minute size, an alpha Glycan, that reaches the sequestered all important power plant, the mitochondria. When consumed it goes directly inside the cell and the DNA there can be restored.

    A new race is forming. We are mutating to their character. We must learn how to upgrade our physical, astral and mental architecture. It can only be done through the new crystalline lines of messaging into the brain. HGH must be released as in our 20s for this to complete the re-creation needed. Pre-1941. Pre-1962. 1984 Indigo. 2000 Crystal children.

    The upgrade of your body programming through your refined crystalline system is largely unknown by physicians today, for they were trained to treat the old carbon body formation. Instead of using carbon supplements, use rice silicates that speak the signature recognized by your ancient body full of bones, blood, lymph and a pineal gland made of crystal.  Let you advanced codes that are dormant come alive!

    A bio-available foundation cell food that finally accesses the rampant starving condition within most all human forms today must be an alpha Glycan in minute calibration to reach the mitochondria. Example: De-clustered and restructured liquid crystal as water, and salt in a saturated water solution, some vegetable juices such as celery. Become fully charged with ATP when you think you are ready to reconstruct your physical form in a superior, refined building material manner. What are your building blocks? Are they less dense, dark and heavy than former human form of carbon dominance? Chose that which is able to resonate with higher frequency and thus toggle the switches on your crystalline helix threads.

    Children are being born with triple and quadruple helixes today as discovered at the Avalon clinic in Washington State 12 years ago. Now that increase builds the potential of raw full-blown genius!

    Be your own project manager and general contractor. How will you build your new remodeled home, your exquisitely upgraded form? Should you choose crystalline building materials, you will take on a new radiance and genius thought impossible. It is a matter of relaying high range vibrational messages to your dormant codes. Fiber optic vs. copper wiring. Glass vs. stucco. Your choice.



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