Are we open to off-planet assistance in our evolution?


At the core of every one of us is the soul, the eternal foundation of who we truly are, an aspect of our being that survives physical death and moves on to continue its journey in the afterlife, no longer constrained by such a fragile container as the human body.

Many agree that the soul is not of this earthly dimension, but of some realm beyond our knowing. Metaphysical. Beyond the physical. It is easy for me to conclude that human beings are multi-dimensional, operating here on earth with limited senses, but also informed by an inner wisdom that is ageless and timeless.

Have you ever sensed something that clearly involves intelligence beyond our comprehension and had the hairs stand up on the back of your neck? You just know something is true without knowing how you know. We have the innate capability to understand much, but we find ourselves trapped in very limited bodies in a very evolved cosmos.

The suggestion of intelligent life far superior to that of humankind is the gateway for many of us into the realms of metaphysics as children. It was for me. I remember reading a small book for kids at my babysitter’s house at the age of 7 or 8 about aliens with four fingers who could disappear in an instant to avoid capture by government agents. I remember as a young teen seeing the TV documentary In Search of Ancient Astronauts, and that 17-year-old me who walked into the theater to see Close Encounters of the Third Kind wasn’t the same me who walked out.

I don’t confess to have had close encounters, though I may have seen some unexplained lights in the sky, and after reading books about implants placed in the bodies of people by ETs, I have never looked at a strange mark on my thigh the same way since. A friend of mine told me about a co-worker of his who claimed that he and his wife were beamed aboard a ship in rural Nebraska, and the details of the story sent shivers up my spine.

That extraterrestrials exist is a tired discussion for me, because I am certain they do and know that our limited scientific ability is no match for how easy it could be for super-intelligent beings who move in and out of our third dimension at will to toy with us if they choose. No, what seems more relevant to me, beyond the whole “let’s prove that ETs exist” game, is our challenge as human beings to evolve as a species, with the assistance of those who reportedly are willing and able to help us do so.

When I was approached to interview Christine Day about her book and upcoming seminar on Pleiadian Initiations of Light, I was a bit hesitant to do so because I truly do not have a gauge on how interested the Twin Cities holistic community is in such information. I proceeded with the interview because there is nothing to fear from off-planet beings or spiritual masters who want to help us. I sense that something is truly changing within us on a subtle level, and it very well could be a shifting of energy to higher frequencies of consciousness, as many suggest.

Edge columnist Chris LaFontaine and his partner Michele Mayama have been ahead of the curve about our collective shift out of duality for some time now, and this publication will share more of their wisdom as we move onward. Edge columnist Kathryn Harwig’s channeling of a group known as the “Light Collective” also is a revealing look at humanity’s way forward.

This publication has long been focused on exploring the evolution of consciousness. Know that it still does.

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