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Someone asked me recently if I was “certified” to be a psychic. I was slightly stunned for a moment at the question. My first reaction (as is usual for me) was to make a joke. I said, “Certifying psychics is similar to licensing cats.” But then I realized that they do license cats nowadays and that she meant it to be a serious question.

Her point was that the process of certifying and/or licensing psychics might prevent the abuses that occur. It is a very valid question. There certainly are plenty of abuses in the area of psychic readings, just as there are in all professions. Still, the idea that anyone could certify another person to be a psychic strikes me as an impossible task.

For one thing, psychic ability is not completely predictable. Over the years, I have been asked occasionally to take part in “scientific” studies regarding psychic ability. I was part of a rather successful study examining skill in remote viewing. I was one of approximately twenty psychics from around the country who were asked to “focus” on certain targets and then describe what we saw. While each person had a different degree of success, the study concluded that, as a group, we were accurate approximately 60 percent of the time. Which means, of course, that we were wrong 40 percent of the time. The truth is, everyone is wrong sometimes. Any psychic who says he or she is never wrong is, well, wrong.

Before I could practice law, I had to take the bar exam, a valid measurement (I guess) of one’s knowledge of the law.  But, there really are no valid tests to measure psychic ability. A teacher of intuitive skills could give a student a certificate indicating that the person had completed a course of study, but that is only a piece of paper certifying attendance, not ability. I, as a psychic you may trust, can refer you to another psychic I think is good, but I can’t promise that your particular reading will suit you. There are just too many variables.

Licensing is another matter, of course, and would allow the state to regulate things like criminal record. Other than that, however, I shudder at the idea of a state-run “Department of Psychic Licensing.”  I would hope that this is an area, as spiritually guided people, where we can regulate ourselves. Perhaps it would be interesting to start a conversation on the ethics of giving readings.

There are a few guidelines I would hope we all might agree on, although I know some of you won’t like them. For example, I believe psychics should tell a client how much a reading will cost upfront and then not ask for more money at the end of the session. Similarly, I think most would agree that a psychic should not use their power to influence a client to “give” them money, invest in their business or have sex with them. A psychic should not tell a person he or she is sick but that the psychic can “cure” them for X dollars. In my opinion, using the reading as a way to sell product should be avoided. (i.e. “The thing you need to be better, wiser or more spiritual just happens to be my candles, crystals, potions, vitamins, classes or books.”)

It would certainly be a lot easier on the rest of us if some psychics did not scare their clients silly by saying things like, “You will die in three years” and then ushering them out the door. I have had to assure more people than I care to count that no psychic can accurately predict the date or time of a person’s death.

The bottom line, in my mind, is that the only license or certification we really need is common sense and the golden rule. Kindness is something your can’t measure, regulate or license, but it is the most important quality a good psychic can have.


  1. I think the best qualified as to the ability of the professional to serve the client, is the client themselves- and it shows in the testimonials the professional receives from the clients. Also there are a great many that practice the intuitive arts as a hobby or are new to it and many are students, or use as an income generating vehicle as snake oil sales. Experience and ethics goes along way and fees are commensurate with this. Ask if they a registered business in there said area of expertise. Are they Psychic or Medium? What is there style of providing? What can they provide? Clients would be wise to check out the professional prior to getting a reading and see what background they can find. Get a first hand referral in person or by testimonials or as a Medium- a Gallery, and if this is there primary business. Bottom line is always trust your gut and if it doesn’t feel right it may not be the right timing or reader for you.
    Questions should always be welcomed and encouraged. Preparation on the clients part with areas of interest and questions always is a good thing and makes for a fluid session. No different than going to any other professional without preparing and expecting them to “know” what it is you need or are looking for. General readings are for garnering practice. They drag out before getting to the ” focus” of your reading, and are crap shoot, you take a chance.
    Help your professional to serve you best by knowing your wants, needs & expectations. Make it known up front what you are needing and why and be respectful to your reader. Schedule and pay for your session up front as you are paying for the time with your professional. Schedule what you need so there can have a beginning, middle and end to the session. One thing I have learned is the client always has a reason and purpose for coming. Take responsibility and have questions ready. Your professional will need to validate either way regardless of what you have told them.
    Ask yourself how does your reader make you feel and do you feel comfortable with them and leave feeling better? The people speak for the validity of skills of the Intuitive and no piece of paper ever will do justice.
    Like a bad tattoo that sounded good at the time but leaves a lifetime of regret, take your time and prepare and know who you will be sharing your soul with and deepest emotions. When your going to get a reading do it well and have a wonderful experience with your chosen practitioner. Take responsibility before taking a seat at the table.


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