Do you recall your dreams?


My experience about dreams growing up in a Brazilian culture was to wake up in the morning and share my dreams; it was like sharing an event from the night before. I was listened to carefully, without any interruption or intervention. After I was done, my mom would share her dreams. There was nothing unusual about that.

Dream recall was a normal experience that I thought everybody had. As I got older, I noticed big events during our daily awakened time that reflected my mom’s dream recall. It was not until I came to North America and started to learn about dreams through books and classes that I recognized those as precognitive dreams.

As a little one, I learned that dreams bring us to the collective, without boundaries, space or time limitations. Dreams – as anything that our body voluntarily – bring us benefits, and precognitive dreams have the intention of preparing our soul.

My mom had what I call a personal relationship to dream images – her own interpretation for symbols that appeared in her dreams. With time, I learned my own. Those are my internal relationships to an image. As they appear in my dreams, the communication is in regards to my feelings, to that internal representation exclusive to me. Relationships that we all possess build according to our upbringing, our values, our view and life experience.

As I grew up, I had a space where my soul felt secure to come out and speak about the night experience. That space was sacred.

This space was provided in a simplistic way – no rituals, just attention – and time given to the subject started with a simple question. How was my night and my dreams? Whenever I did not recall my dreams, my mom went on to tell me her own dreams, showing respect to nature that speaks to her in many ways and the acknowledgment of it creates a good relationship.

I have being studying and recording my dreams since 1993. I have learned through the eyes of Jung, Freud and Edgar Cayce, and through the view of ancient Greek and Brazilian tribes. However, my rooted experience – that sharing a dream is a healthy habit and embracing it is a natural experience – brought me the most beneficial relationship between my conscious, unconscious and Universal conscious mind.

I encourage you to share your dreams. Share them with your little ones, kids, grandchildren, and perhaps they will recall their night adventure and share with you. How else could I travel all continents, learn from it and feel rested in the morning?

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  1. My dreams have taken me places that I long to see again, loved ones, and unfamiliar faces that I may yet meet.
    I never was one to write down my dreams, but I have benefited from sharing them with you, Claudia.
    Your sensitivity to the details that I describe and the way that you connect the pieces together is amazing!
    Great article!


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