Dreams Reveal Your Hidden Life


Dreams are a direct line to the sea of our hidden life, much like a fishing line dropped from a small boat into a bottomless sea.

A person who learns to dream well can usually take everyday life in stride, because dreams give him or her a perception that others cannot help but notice. An understanding of dreams can steady us for the surprises of the day and so aid us in learning to manage stress with more foresight and grace.

Dreams often tell what’s coming.

A friend from the Air Force and I keep in touch with an exchange of letters. Usually, he comes for a visit in the dream world on the inner planes while writing me a letter. Next morning, I’ll tell my wife about our visit on the inner planes.

“Ray must be writing a letter again,” I say.

And it usually comes a few days later.

Dreams are like that fishing line dropped from a boat into the sea. But they are much more than a communication link, which the line suggests. Our memory of dreams is a glimpse of the full spiritual life that each of us leads beyond the physical. Our daily physical life has as little scope or variety as might exist in a rowboat. A full spiritual life, on the other hand, includes all events around the boat (human self), including those within the sea, on the land, and in the sky of existence.

A horse dream
A husband and wife bought a horse, which they named Sid. Their plan was to train the horse, and when it reached a certain age, they would resell it. Of course, it never occurred to them to wonder how Sid felt about all this.

About a year later, the husband had an unusual dream in which he found himself entering a crowded bar. Seeing one unoccupied table, he went over and sat down. A man came over and introduced himself.

“Hi,” he said. “I’m Sid, your horse.”

The dreamer thought this was the funniest thing he had ever seen. “My horse in a dream, looking like a man,” he said. “This is really wild.”

The only thing that bothered him about the dream was that this man had a tooth missing, whereas his horse did not.

The dreamer and his horse got to talking. Sid said, “You know, I love you and your wife. I’d like to stay with you. I’ve never had owners before who could Soul Travel and meet with me in the dream state so we could talk things over.”

This is pretty far out, the dreamer thought.

“Sid,” he asked, “I notice you’ve been limping on one of your hind legs. Is there something wrong?”

“I’m having a problem with that foot,” said Sid. “It’s just a minor thing, but if you can get a farrier to trim my hoof, I could walk better.” And they continued talking.

When the man awoke and told his wife about the dream, they shared a good laugh over it. She thought the part about the missing tooth was really hilarious.

Later that morning as they walked to the stable, they saw a crowd around Sid’s stall. They rushed over, afraid that something dreadful had happened to their horse.

The owners saw a little bit of blood on the door of the stall, but Sid seemed to be all right. The husband put a halter on the horse and led him outside. “If you plan to ride him, just don’t put a bit in his mouth,” one of the grooms advised him. “Your horse somehow got his mouth caught on the door lock, and his tooth broke off.”

Husband and wife looked at each other. “The missing tooth in your dream,” she said. Without another word, they leaned over to check the horse’s hind foot. Just as Sid had said in the dream, his hoof needed trimming.

Many worlds
A dreamer lives in many worlds at once. And yes, dreams do enrich life.

Dreams are a spiritual tool of the Holy Spirit to help you find your way to God. Take advantage of this help. There is so much more to life than you’ll ever find in something so small as a rowboat, or as narrow as the human state of consciousness.



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