Letters to the Editor


I would like to compliment you on the self-care issue (June 2010). I picked it up yesterday and it now has highlighting and six tape flags marking articles and resources. I think it is one of your best issues. Thanks for the work you do. – Pam Thiltgen-Hester, St. Paul

Thank you for a great fresh new reading experience! I picked up The Edge in Dunn Brothers on Vicksburg and 55 in Plymouth and thought I’d thumb through the June issue while enjoying my cold press. My soul was calmed (page 5) I shortened my to-do list (page 8) planned to do more great work (page 14) but wasn’t sure you had the “right” Taurus in your June horoscope (page 24). As a retired magazine publisher, I can’t help myself from picking up new (to me) titles when I see them. I am so glad I spent my time with The Edge today: It’s almost like a vacation for the Soul! – Seth Hoyt, Long Lake, MN

In Kathryn Harwig’s article in the June issue (“Telling the Future…”) she states, “No one can look into your life and tell you with certainty what will happen.” I must say that it seems that Kathryn is speaking for herself, for what she sees is definitely not what others see. I very often make predictions of what is to come to pass. I have told people the name of a love partner coming in; that it was raining money; when and where they were going to get work from. My list goes on and on. Each person has their own view of what they see and hear. Like the story of 20 blind children who each touch an elephant, then each of them describe what they feel. None of them describe it the same, and none of them are wrong. – Deborah Lynn11, Stillwater, MN



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