My Vision for the Conscious Convergence on July 17-18

The preparations to facilitate the Conscious Convergence, July 17-18, have now begun. Even if it will need the support and active collaboration of a large number of people, the snowball has started rolling. Very possibly, this will become an event that influences the course of our civilization by setting the intention to manifest unity consciousness on a large scale with the ninth wave of the Maya calendars.

I would like to share my own vision of the Conscious Convergence, and what it may accomplish.

During the time period since the Harmonic Convergence in August 1987, and maybe even earlier than that, an increasing number of people, and not just a few select mystics, have come to directly experience states of unity with all things and a purposeful direction in their own lives. Although such experiences may have been enlightening or blissful, they have not come to alter the way our world at large operates. While this fact may not surprise us, there is really no reason that this should be taken as a given.

Such experiences, sometimes resulting from spiritual practices, have clearly been at odds with both the predominating materialist worldview and the one that sees the divine as something separate from ourselves. An increasing number of people have thus come to directly experience that some “energies” greater than themselves are working to provide guidance for them.

In everyday parlance, we talk about certain things having been “meant to happen” and other things “not meant to happen.” This direct experience of guiding energies is a relatively recent undercurrent of our civilization. It also intensifies as the frequency of shifts between calendrical energies increases as we approach the completion of the Mayan calendars. It is as if, through this frequency increase, the cosmic plan is now calling us to wake up and realize that we are here for a reason and that the universe has a plan. This ongoing awakening has generated a fairly widespread perception that the end of the Mayan calendars will bring a “shift in consciousness.”

A higher purpose
Such experiences are, of course, made sense of in a multitude of different ways, sometimes in terms of divine intervention or astrology, depending on the individual. Yet, they always seem to imply that the universe has a higher purpose. The perception of such a purposeful direction may be the least common denominator for those that will choose to participate in the Conscious Convergence.

On my own part I have come to understand what is “meant” and “not meant” to happen primarily from the broad perspective of the Mayan calendars, simply because of the vast body of scientific evidence showing that the energies these describe have been driving evolution in all of its aspects from the beginning of time.

In parallel with the increase in individual experiences of guidance, there has also been a number of initiatives to organize meditations or other global spiritual events on special days that often focus on a positive cause such as peace. What I feel we need to realize, however, is that despite these experiences of individual or collective unity, those that embody them still remain largely fragmented.

As yet, the intention to manifest unity consciousness has thus not been firmly anchored in our world.

Someone who meditates is perceived as doing so as a private act and as part of his or her individual path. A meditation to heal the earth is seen as a basically uncommitted event of a day or two before things go back to “business as usual.” In society at large and its media, it is relegated to a fringe phenomenon, despite the large number of people embracing it.

However, I feel that the Conscious Convergence will be, and has to be, a unique event that is something more than just another global meditation. It is about anchoring an intention to manifest unity consciousness on an ongoing basis.

Hope and vision
The current fragmentation of both individuals and groups is at a critical point. It is here I believe the Conscious Convergence will enter into the picture to give hope and vision for the future.

Part of the reason that the intention towards unity consciousness has not been anchored in the consensus reality is that events may not have gathered a critical mass. I feel, however, that a more important factor has been that individual experiences and events have not always been perceived as steps in a cosmic time plan that has a clear direction towards unity consciousness. This absence of a context in time has probably had much more far-reaching consequences than most people recognize. It has affected not only the role of those that have become awakened, but also a broad range of grassroots movements focusing on progressive socio-economic change. If such movements are unable to see how their aspirations are part of a cosmic time plan for the planet, they too will be fragmented and their fruits often be temporary or incorporated in the already existing dualist civilization.

Unity consciousness
The fragmentation of the experiences of unity consciousness, and the absence of a collectively existing intention to manifest this, thus have consequences that go farther, much farther, than most people would tend to believe. It influences a very high number of organizations and projects that are potentially healthy to our planet because these, and the social movements they give rise to, exist without a context in time. All such movements that intend to manifest a world of unity consciousness may thus benefit from their participation in the Conscious Convergence exactly because this provides such a temporal framework.

From this also follows an interest of the powers that be to suppress information about the Mayan calendar that may serve as inspiration and encouragement for those desiring a new course for our civilization.

A distorted view
The big media, including but not limited to Hollywood, have thus touted a distorted view of the Mayan calendar as simply a date in the future when something dramatic is supposed to happen. It is here almost irrelevant whether this change is seen as positive or negative, since such a view is so totally at odds with the Mayan calendar to begin with.

The message of the media has thus been: “Do not take responsibility for co-creating the future! Just wait and see! Nothing could be further from a Mayan perspective, and the truth, than an obsession with a singular date in the future, when something is supposed to just fall down on us from the sky.

The Mayan calendar describes processes, processes that have been going on from the beginning of time and step-by-step have been lifting human beings to higher frames of consciousness. As part of this, humanity is now heading towards the initiation of a new process, the ninth wave, that is meant to take us to a place of unity consciousness where we have never been before.

Hence, the solutions of the past are not particularly likely to be applicable and so we are now called to develop a new level of creativity.

Conscious collective intention
The Mayan calendars have thus come to be perceived in a dis-empowering way, rather than as guiding tools for positive social and spiritual transformation. The reason for this is mainly that it is not generally known that there is not merely one, but in fact nine, calendars that are about to be completed. Each of these calendars describes a wave movement of evolution, and it is the ninth of these that is designed to bring the unity consciousness that represents the current hope of mankind as it provides a necessary starting point for the birth of a new world.

Yet, unless there is a conscious collective intention to affirm this ninth wave, what is the likelihood that this will manifest? One might even ask whether, without such an intention to manifest unity consciousness, anyone has reason to complain if it is not brought forth?

To have this happen, we need to align with this calendar in time, otherwise I believe we will lose our power to influence the course of events.

The Conscious Convergence is thus set so that we will be able to prepare ourselves for the coming energies in advance and so be able to align with them. Unlike the Harmonic Convergence in 1987 that was a relatively spontaneous event, I, for one, believe that the Conscious Convergence in 2010, due to the current high speed of time, will need to be unified by a common intention in order to make a difference.

As we approach the simultaneous manifestation of the nine waves, there will be complicated overlappings of waves that may be difficult to surf without such a shared intention.

Co-create our future
My vision for the Conscious Convergence is that it will be an event that helps people break out of the current constraints and fragmentation and facilitates for us to co-create our future, especially as now many of the established structures of society may be falling apart.

With the impending unity consciousness many things that are not consistent with this are, in fact, becoming visible in the new light. An increasing number of people are losing faith in churches (Ireland and U.S.), mosques (Iran) as well as bankers and politicians (all over), and so much of the previous functioning of the world may be overturned. It then becomes all the more important to establish an intention of manifesting unity consciousness as a basis for novel solutions.

However, I do not think that the Conscious Convergence is for those that content themselves by pointing out and criticizing all the negative aspects of our current world and its system of rule. Rather, it is for those that want to create a more positive intention, anchor this broadly and manifest it in the world.

An intention to manifest unity consciousness thus does not only serve to guide ourselves or our individual development, but here it also refers to the possibility that it may guide our civilization at large. Such a collectively shared intention held by a critical mass of people may start to live a life of its own and give a direction to a wide variety of projects. If this is to happen, it is however critical that the intention is authentically held and not coming from a desire to look good in our own eyes, or in those of our friends, teachers or gurus. Only an intention authentically shared by a critical mass of sovereign individuals may play a positive role for co-creating our future. Conscious Convergence then means that it is for people who are conscious of their intentions.

Unity consciousness does not mean conformism or that everyone is shaped in the same mold to think or look alike. Rather, unity consciousness will generate a world that is the very opposite of conformist. Because unity consciousness is about transcending the judgmental dualities and inherent dominance mentality generated by lower waves, it allows for a much wider variety of viewpoints and lifestyles than previously. Thus, the Conscious Convergence refers to the coming together, convergence, of people from many different walks of life with very different backgrounds and viewpoints to express and experience a shared intention for the future.

Experiences of awakening
The two initial days, July 17-18, may be days for individual experiences of awakening, as well as a collective expression of a new commitment to climb to the highest level of the Mayan calendar and co-create a world truly based on peace.

I do not believe that the continued climb will be easy, and no one knows exactly how long time it will take until the new world based on this new consciousness stabilizes. Yet, I also know that it is only through a shared intention aligned with the cosmic plan that there is any reasonable hope for a future.

The Conscious Convergence also is about retrieving the Mayan calendar to its rightful place as a guide on the common path towards a world based on unity consciousness. In a time of dramatic change, it becomes all the more important to have a firmly anchored intention to relate to as we approach the full completion of all nine calendars. I believe that only such an intention, existing on the level of our civilization, may serve to give us guidance in a time when the old social structures will very possibly disintegrate.

The Hopi prophecy, for instance, urges us to gather ourselves and be good to each other. They warn that the time of the lone wolf is over. We can only survive if we cooperate on achieving common goals. This is obvious to any faithful Christian, as well.

Profound changes
Many people realize that there will be a need to recreate our civilization in the time ahead, and if nothing else a series of natural disasters have told people that this may now have reached a dead end. To get out of this dead end, many are suggesting profound changes of our current economic and social system in order for humanity to survive into a better world.

This points to the Conscious Convergence also as an event for networking in a very broad sense. If the Conscious Convergence can gather people who are seeking this new direction and experience that they have the energies of the cosmic plan on their back, then I would say that my vision of this event will have been fulfilled.

It is, however, also part of my vision that millions will share their own visions based on this common intention of manifesting unity consciousness. The preparations for the ninth wave would allow many positive aspirations to be anchored in a purposeful process. When millions are taking the stand that there is a higher purpose to this planet than just to end in a series of disasters, then I believe providence will move.

When millions are showing each other that they too see a higher purpose to life, and intend to manifest it together, then a significant step towards the fulfillment of the cosmic plan will have been taken.

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  1. I would like to address: “Dedication to Global, Tribal, Galactic, Universal and Cosmic Harmony” attained by understanding the innate ability, which all matter may initiate to “Shift and Flow” inter dimensionally thus becoming ONE with ALL in DIVINE PRESENCE. DNA “Divine Nuclear Awareness”.


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