Pleiadian Seminar with Christine Day


For the first time in the history of her work with the Pleiadians, leading teacher, author and channel Christine Day will offer advanced level Pleiadian initiations of light to the public.

A three-day seminar will take place July 30 to August 1 at the Hilton Airport in Bloomington, MN. Day began working with Pleiadians more than 25 years ago, when she started receiving powerful transmissions of energy to aid her own self-healing process and alignment with her true nature. Since then, her relationship with the Pleiadians has continued to expand from providing intensive multi-level training for Frequencies of Brilliance Practitioners worldwide, to special Pleiadian seminars, and activations in healing workshops for the general public. During this seminar, participants will experience direct contact with the Pleiadians using a crystal grid vortex, work within the Stargate energies of the 4th, 5th and 6th dimensions and receive greater levels of Self Healing Prophecy.

For further information and registration, go to, e-mail [email protected] or contact Joanne at 651.452.2895.

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  1. Yes, Pam,
    Many people do, including some Name American cultures….if you are interested do a search and you will find alot of us out there…
    Best Wishes!

  2. Yes, I too am very connected to the Pleiadians and am so pleased that Christine is bringing this into greater awareness.



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