Quantum Clairvoyance

Are you ready to fully awake from the dream? As we quickly approach the year 2012, there has been a notable shift in how we view our world, our future, and ourselves.

Imagine, in this very moment, your life without any self-doubt. What would you do? How would you do it? Are you able to ask this question without doubt? What is the answer you receive when you ask yourself: Why am I here?

As you fully embrace the notable shift in our world that gives rise to these questions, (and others), the recognition that we are all being called to a new level of perception comes forward with great recognition. This shift has tangible components as well as those that are not so tangible.

For example, do any of the following apply to you?

  • Experiencing changes in your sleep patterns?
  • Feeling a sense of time speeding up and/or a “lack of time”?
  • Have your relationships shifted, often without good reason?
  • Do you feel a strong sense that “something” big is about to happen in our world and you are not quite sure what it is?

These, and other energetic experiences, are calling you to awaken your greater clairvoyant capability with presence, responsibility and spiritual maturity. As our world continues to evolve in extraordinary ways, the simple truth is that you are evolving, too!

With each moment that we breathe, we are integrating the Quantum expansion of our universe on all levels. This rapid adjustment to never before experienced energy usually results in the feeling of chaos or lack of clarity. For many, this has blossomed into full blown self-doubt or unusually heightened states of awareness that can be easily misinterpreted.

Claiming our spiritual maturity empowers us to release the doubt that causes us to seek answers from outside ourselves. By fully embracing our authentic potential and accepting that it is the birthright of every individual to clearly understand their life, we can become profoundly abundant in all ways, and in record time.

As we claim our spiritual maturity, we begin to unfold our Quantum Clairvoyance. Yet, what is this quantum gift? It is the connection gained through the experience of our expanded consciousness without self-doubt. This applies everything without limits. Through the empowerment of our Quantum Clairvoyance we discover and fully trust that all answers are within us!

Many have been exposed to the concept of the 10 percent brain. That is, we are only fully utilizing or drawing upon 10 percent of our total abilities. While this statistic is now being challenged, the more important distinction is that with the advent of greater understandings of Quantum physics and the universe, we can more easily accept that we are capable of amazing clairvoyant communication.

Have you ever heard of a mother’s intuition? Most likely you have also heard the stories of those who knew a loved one was in trouble even when they were hundreds or thousands of miles away. Or, the phone rings and you just “know” who it is before you pick it up? (And we are not referring to Caller ID!) Each of these so-called coincidences are actually moments when you have consciously or subconsciously connected to your quantum clairvoyant stream of energy.

For those of you who already know this as true and have already developed this awareness, it is an important time for you to become responsible with how you share this energy so that your mere presence will free others to do the same. Not your words…your presence…an important distinction.

As our world enters the era of empowered Spiritual responsibility, it is up to each “individ-u-will” to be fully aware that clairvoyant gifts, once developed, carry with them the responsibility to be shared with discernment, thereby not disempowering another.

For example, we were recently guests at a weekend gathering hosted by “enlightened” individuals. We watched as one of the guests who regularly gives readings would casually disclose with great authority what he saw as near future outcomes and events for others at the gathering. Then he would just walk out of the room. After leaving, those who received the information would begin reacting and formulating their lives based around these off-handed remarks taken as absolute truth.

This is a typical example of non-quantum clairvoyance. In this example we see the old model of Seer/Receiver at play. When we choose quantum clairvoyance we no longer impose our clarity on others, even when asked. Instead, we recognize that we are at the moment in our amazing history to empower each other to find their clarity without doubt. We do this by encouraging self-inquiry, empowering self-trust and offering reassurance.

We have collectively called forth a world of quantum shift. As we begin to adapt to this world we become the gift of presence and lovingly discover that each is having their perfect experience at every moment. We release all doubt, and fully empower our spiritual maturity with abundance, joy and ease!

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  1. While I agree that there was a shift, I don’t believe on only focusing on the the short span of time. We need to branch out and research more on clairvoyance than just one time frame.

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