Question for July 12, 2010

Edge Question of the Week:
How do you get in touch with your soul?


Laura/Param Amta Kau
“My daily Kundalini yoga and meditation sadhana (practice). I begin my day with this connection to my soul and it helps me keep connected all day long!”

Tim Miejan
“I walk in nature, just being with all that I experience. And when I am with you, my soul is reflected in you.”

“I get quiet within.”

Cheryl Rose-Hall
“I paint.”

Cassandra Roberson
“I connect with my Soul and inner voice with my daily morning Practice of yoga asanas, Pranic breathing, chanting mantras, and ending with meditation. Then, everything flows in sync with the Energy of the Universe for the rest of the day. (Lokah Samasthah Sukhino Bhavantu.)”

“How do you get in touch with your soul?
The question suggests my soul is separate from me!
How can my soul be separate from me?
I AM My Soul!
My Soul is a Solo Energy of Self that is complete in ALL Ways it is!
I do not experience the full essence of that which it is in every moment.
But it rise to the occasion or I rise up, or I come forward, in every moment to the degree that is appropriate for me as I participate in this human experience I know through this body that is known by the label Rick Schuster.
My Soul/Solo Energy of Self is like breathing.
I breathe out, into me and I breathe in, into me.
Always in touch with My Self!!
Just Me
Soul/Solo (like a solo voice my voice is my soul sharing the message “I AM”)”

“I work in my garden and listen to the birds, the owls woke me last night…a message no doubt.”

Kari Chapman
“I get in touch with my soul by intending to through my daily morning meditations. It is my belief that we are all here to live our souls purpose, so would it not be to our highest good to communicate with our souls daily?”

Desiree de Angelise
“As an adopted only child with no known “roots,” from an early age I looked for things, ideas, etc. to which I resonated so discovered connecting with my soul early on–staying aware and in the moment. Each Moment The Universe Is Making You An Irresistible Offer”

“Meditation, yoga, exercise, walks in nature, talking with other like minded light workers, activism, and spending time with my child.”

“There is no need to contact my soul because my soul is me, it is not separate.”

Kari Chapman
“Namaste and you are absolutely correct, We ARE OUR Soul, and we can consciously communicate with all aspects of our soul, all 144.”

Jerome Buchmeier
“I connect with my soul perspective by bringing to the fore in my center my particular soul transcendent qualities. As I understand now, for me these are peace and joy and love. When I feel these clearly in my center, I can look at myself, the world, humanity, and beings of the universe with the eyes of my clear heart, mind and soul.”

“The general answer is probably to be quiet or present in the moment when viewing our surroundings with an attitude of love or adoration. By stilling the mind we allow our intuitive nature (our soul) to come through with less distortion by our thinking. The attitude of love is our natural state without the corruption of physical memory and brings us back to our origins of being a divine part of all that is. Be quiet and listen for it!”

Mary Welch
“I AM is the all of me, my divine human self. This includes my ego and my soul – no separation. I become conscious of my soul wisdom when I listen, to ‘all my voices’ and allow the truth to rise to the top like cream. It most often occurs for me in meditation and through music.”

Ann H.
“I get in touch with my soul, by being in nature, walking the labyrinth, full moon rituals.”

Bracha Feigel
“I get in touch with my soul , when I surrender ‘my will’ to ‘DIVINE WILL’ ………”



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