Question for June 28, 2010


Edge Question of the Week:
How will things change after Dec. 21, 2012?


Harmony Green:
“Wake up, we are the ones we have been waiting for, no one else is coming; get up and do what you are here to do.”

Cassandra R.
“The change that I see is that the world will end, only as it exists, today. It will (hopefully) be the end of ignorance in how we treat the planet and each other, become more spiritually enlightened and attuned.”

“The change I see is that there will be more individuals opening up their conciousness to a higher / positive energies in the Universe.”

“I hope there will be happiness and unity worldwide. I feel we can heal our planet if everyone can forget the bad and only think of the good in everything! Peace, love, abundance and healing from all. Pray for this daily! Think positive there is a positive side to everything and situation!”

Mary Welch
“ ‘Things’ will change only if we change…from within. I believe it is happening….I am hopeful that the old way of being competitive is shifting to a new way of being collaborative. The old ways are dying and the new ways are being born right before our eyes! We get to focus on that and then use our positive energy to make the changes from within that manifest without.”

My earlier post was about changes we need to make happen. If we want
to see great changes happen!
We all have to work in unity and with much love for this to happen.
I do feel positive changes coming and for the best for all living things!

Kelli Spencer
“What does it matter what will happen after Dec. 21, 2012 when you live with in this very moment. If we are all just living for the now and experiencing only the joy and happiness that are right here for us now there will be no difference in what will happen then. Because it has already shifted the positive to us now. What may be prophecized may not even happen or be weakened dramatically, because we the beings that we are right now will be making the changes now by living the positive non-fear based reality of just NOW. God only gives us well-being why not choose to live in the now and take advantage of this well-being every minute of every day instead of making predictions that could change just by free-will alone. Choose well-being and live happy today!”

Lee Carlson
“If we’re still here – I believe we will be – I expect many humans will begin looking for the next day the world will end. If I’m wrong and we’re not here, it won’t matter. Of course my hope is we will be ushering in a brave new world where fear is nothing but a myth and we are guided by the ever-present unconditional love of the universe.”

“According to men of science there should be no change to the planet or the universe. This is not the first time in my life there was a special day that could change the world forever or end the world. People want to control their destiny and what better way than to pick a date and hope to make changes. It happens every year on New Years Eve, it happens during Lent, and we are reborn at Easter. We may raise an eyebrow on that day and look up at the sky but this too will pass and we will be on to something else. Once again we will set our sights back on Mars, swirling black holes, and discovering old hominid skeletons that are way over a million years old. Our distant relatives have been around a long time.”

“12/21/2012 the end of the old way of life and the beginning of a higher new life. Each individual will make a choice as to what will be for them. Peace and love to all.”

“I will be able to finally live in a reality that unifies humanity and we all learn to co-exist. We each have a certain vibration and frequency and that is the universe we will go to after 2012.”

“I don’t think that day will be anything out of the ordinary except for those who’d will it so. The changes began long ago and will coninue after that date. I agree with Kelli Spencer, – live in the now!”

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