Spiritual Hunger – Part 5


Fifth of a seven-part series

In this installment of the seven-part series, we will examine our inherent divinity, the existence of various concepts of creation and sacred text distortions, and the identity and agenda of the creators and keepers of the matrix-like reality prevalent on Earth at this time.

Our examination in this installment is by no means an attempt to tackle the vast and somewhat unwieldy library of knowledge on these topics, as that would not only serve to enslave us to an infinite task but also lure us into an insoluble maze. Rather, we will attend to certain central tenets, offering them as keystone catalysts or thrusters that will hopefully contribute to rekindling memory and ownership of our origins and identity.

Part six will contain suggestions about how to dismantle the matrix and live a life of self-sovereignty, spiritual freedom and glory, and part seven will offer interpretive insights and impressions about theories, prophecies and predictions associated with Dec. 21, 2012.

In installment two of this seven-part series, as a way of uncovering the veiled truths and obtaining answers to questions like – Is there something wrong with the way in which current Earth existence is designed? – we worked with the film, The Matrix, as a modern myth. In the film, as part of an invitation to extract Neo from his enslaved existence, Morpheus offers Neo two options: the “red pill” or the “blue pill,” with the choice of pills illustrating our right to choose between truth and illusion, wisdom and ignorance. The red pill will answer the question “What is the matrix?” – a question that can be answered only by removing Neo from it. On the contrary, the blue pill will ensure that his life or illusion of life will go on as before.

Let’s explore the notion that sacred text distortions are part of the fabric and framework of our current Earth existence and we have heartily embraced our role as renegade voyagers in search of truth and taken the red pill. As we proceed, I implore each of us to have faith in ourselves as spiritual trailblazers and independent thinking renegades who yearn to explore uncommon knowledge. In the words of Socrates: “To find yourself, think for yourself.”

As participants in the current paradigm shift, we need to acknowledge that most religious dogma and a substantial quotient of New Age spiritual concepts contain misconceptions about the nature of divinity and our place and purpose in the cosmos. That is not to say that the accounts of many sacred and secular texts are not based in part on truth, but rather that the larger percentage of what remains in those records has been so distorted as to warrant being categorized as propaganda. This condition has prevailed for millennia in an unrelenting conspiratorial effort to oppress, confuse and gain dominion over Earth’s population.

For many, it can be frightening and painful to consider new concepts, because it may require either leaving many of the old concepts behind and sifting through historical beliefs to rescue the tenets of truth. To be clear, I am neither suggesting that anyone completely toss out all tenets of their current spiritual philosophy nor abandon the entirety of their current spiritual practices. However, I am imploring each of us to consider the possibility that some components of our beliefs need serious revision.

As affirmed in part two of this series, considering this doesn’t invalidate our previous quests, diminish our discoveries or reduce to folly the time we’ve invested. Each and every step we’ve taken and every truth we’ve uncovered until now has carved pathways to greater receptivity and more profound revelation. Furthermore, exposing distortions and revealing living, liberating truths has a specific function, which is to infuse us with a fervid desire to reclaim our divine identity and participate in weaving the threads of truth into an illuminating tapestry. And this tapestry of truth will prodigiously influence the consciousness of receptive souls and thereby contribute to a critical mass awakening that will accelerate the unfolding of the current paradigm shift.

Concept of Creation
The concept of creation has been examined and debated in religious, scientific and psycho-spiritual arenas throughout time, with most creation accounts involving either a singular creator or a pantheon of gods and goddesses. Beliefs about the nature of god, whether there is a female counterpart to this god, whether there is one true god or multiple deities, and whether there is a difference between the Source or Creator and god have traveled a long road and changed a great deal through time. No doubt many have benefited enormously from their affiliation with the world religions on this planet. I do not seek to target any one religion or to invalidate any spiritual orientation. Rather, it seems important to note that beliefs vary so much from one culture and religious orientation to another that many are inclined to maintain that their beliefs are true and another’s doctrines, values and viewpoints are false, and when reacting defensively, that the proponents of another’s particular religion or spiritual orientation are atheistic blasphemers at worst, or deluded at best.

In general, in human history on Earth the progression of beliefs has gone from animistic magic to polytheism to monotheism. In polytheistic religions, humanity seeks direction, comfort and order from a variety of specialized deities. These pagan gods seem accessible, each occupying a limited domain with corresponding powers and responsibilities.

Monotheism emerged approximately 5,000 years ago, and with it a great gulf came into being between a single, omniscient and omnipotent deity and the pagan pantheon. The concept of one supreme god is the central tenet of most contemporary religions and the dominant model of humanity’s current religious consciousness. However, it is not only possible, but highly likely that the supreme gods that each religion references, recognizes and worships are actually different creator beings.

Let’s consider that the multiple creation myths that currently exist were spawned from a singular account that contained encoded information about a greater creation dynamic. Most religious beliefs emerged therefore from the derivations of that singular account. Consequently, the data contained in sacred texts such as the Judeo-Christian Bible, Emerald Tablets, Tripitaka, Vedas, Upanishads and Tao-Te-Ching, among others, have become immutable doctrines that form the conceptual foundation of the spiritual beliefs of most Earth inhabitants.

The only formidable alternatives to the existing creation myths and evolution theories exist primarily in esoteric and mystical texts. However, when confronted with numerous scientific complexities pertaining to the question of the origin of life, several scientists have turned to the possibility of extraterrestrial involvement, with some quantum physicists even boldly addressing the existence of parallel, inter-dimensional worlds. I am unreservedly adding my voice to the other esoteric revelatory accounts affirming that 3D human Earth life emerged by design and not through unintended spontaneous collisions of elemental forces that haphazardly resulted in evolutionary progression.

The Nature of Divinity
Let’s proceed on the premise that most religious dogma and a substantial quotient of New Age spiritual concepts are responsible for misconceptions about the nature of divinity and our place and purpose in the cosmos. As part of that premise, let us also envision that there is a difference between the gods and goddesses portrayed in Earth’s religions and the Source or Prime Creator. We are each an emanation of the Source, and are therefore imbued with the same essence. Essence is the spirit or fundamental nature of a being, which includes the being’s qualities, characteristics and behavioral traits.

There is a prevailing metaphysical concept that maintains that our consciousness problems would be solved if only we could quicken our slow vibratory rates and elevate our low frequencies. The essential question to ask is, “Why are our vibratory rates slow and our frequencies low?” Our vibratory rates are slow because of labels and imprints that we hold in our individual and collective species memory. The label is of having “fallen” from grace with Creator Source, of having done something that disavowed us of our inherent deservedness, of having been born with “original” sin. Along with this we carry an imprinted belief in separation from the Source and one another. These labels and imprints constrict us at our core, and this constriction accounts for our slow vibratory rates and low frequency.

These labels and imprints have sponsored cycles wherein we have largely functioned like spiritual amnesiacs, feeling obliged to go through a lot of hoopla to earn or deserve the right to reclaim our essence so we can return to oneness with the Source. In short, we don’t know who we are and are clueless about our significant place and purpose in the cosmos.

Oneness with Source
I entreat us to trust that there is no ultimate goal to return to oneness with the Source because we have never been out of oneness with the Source. The world of external perceptions of separation and unworthiness is not real, but rather the product of labels, imprints, overlays, distortions and entanglements that appear real. Any notion of having fallen and a subsequent need to return to Source is an illusion, a false impression, and a misapprehension.

Furthermore, there is no distant, patriarchal authoritarian god or authoritative mother/father deity that created us nor did we randomly evolve from primordial ooze. Rather, there is a ladder of creation and we each have a rightful place of honor within that construct. Every being contains the essence of the Source, and therefore are individual co-creator emanations of the Source that can trace their roots back to that Great Wellspring.

Now let us consider the possibility that the Source is part of every atom of everything created from its essence, and it experiences the reverberation of all the feelings and experiences from all those who issued forth from Its ocean. One of the long-range effects of the misperception of the fall was that it disrupted the conscious flow of exchange between Creator Source and Its creations, with some of the offspring trusting inner direction less and less and therefore seeking direction from without more and more. The disruption in the exchange didn’t just impact the offspring, but the Source as well. Therefore, the dissonance we experience in our current earth incarnation and have likely experienced either consistently or intermittently for eons is a reflection of the dissonance experienced by the Source.

Whatever occurs in one realm is a reflection of what is occurring in all other realms. As above; so below. As within; so without.

The Ladder of Creation
For a long, long time, all beings have either directly or indirectly been impacted by labels, imprints, overlays, distortions and entanglements, and this has fueled many rifts. Any rifts existing between the Source and any of its offspring perpetuate the dissonance.

We can contribute to mending these rifts. Part of achieving this involves considering the degree to which we’ve come to believe that the pantheon of Gods and Goddesses, Ascended Masters, Hosts of Heaven and Lords of Karma that we’ve come to know are incontrovertibly necessary to our spiritual development. However, as we explore further the ladder of creation and the identity and agenda of the creators and keepers of the matrix-like reality, it is crucial that we hold fast to knowing that we are made of the same essence as the Source, and that this and nothing less than this is our honorable divine lineage.

As Michael Berg suggests in his book, Becoming Like God, “A rock in relationship to a mountain is like a human in relationship to the Source…the rock has the same nature as the mountain, but when it is [believes itself to be] disconnected, it is no longer called mountain, it is called rock….” Michael Berg helps us to comprehend that if we (the rock) base our identity and value on an imprinted belief in being disconnected from the Source (the mountain), we are denying our true nature. Our true relationship to the Source, like the rock to the mountain, is that we have the same nature as the Source and are not disconnected.

Revelatory Texts
It is important that we realize that a variety of beings participated in the authoring process of revelatory texts of the world’s religions and many spiritual systems. Another way of saying this is many of the beings that participated in the encoding process of the sacred texts also inspired the ensuing religions and spiritual systems. Furthermore, those who contributed to authoring and/or encoding teachings in these sacred texts based their communications and actions on their remembrance of their origins and their various experiences over the eons. These teachings, therefore, reflect the authors’ understanding of the nature of divinity, of their cosmic origins and of their role in relationship to Earth inhabitants.

In addition, some contributors planned for the encoded information to be deciphered by Earth inhabitants at a pivotal time, like a great treasure map passed down through the ages, so that those deciphering the information might come to understand not only their origins, but the origins of the contributors, as well. For other contributors, it was simply a way of marking their name upon a scroll, perhaps so that Earth inhabitants would know they care.

For yet others, the encoded information are seeds of dysfunction that season our consciousness so that it can be used for the contributing author’s fulfillment. As an example, some authors have implanted knowledge in these texts in order to contribute to our scientific comprehensions and spiritual development, while others seek to dominate Earth’s inhabitants by reducing scientific comprehension and diminishing spiritual development. With this, we can begin to comprehend how substantial aspects of core truths about humanity are shrouded in a conspiratorial mystery.

Distortions and Deceptions
In recent decades many authors have not only explored the degree to which sacred texts that depict our origins and the creation and evolution of life on Earth have been withheld, altered, distorted, hidden and/or discarded, but also examined the likelihood of extraterrestrial involvement. The overwhelming majority of these authors maintain that the underlying purpose for the sacred text distortions has been to keep us in ignorance so that we can be more easily and effectively dominated and controlled.

I have been unalterably impacted by some of the treatises on these topics and highly recommend the following authors for a more in-depth study of these and related topics. Zecharia Sitchin, David Vaughan Icke, Erich von Däniken, Barbara Marciniak, Barbara Hand Clow, and lastly, Neale Donald Walsch, who in his book, Tomorrow’s God, splendidly advocates for the necessity of exploring uncommon knowledge by affirming “That the time to challenge your most sacred beliefs is at hand…if you don’t challenge them, they’ll challenge you.”

One of the things these authors have in common is the ardent objective to expose deceptions within our current belief systems, to disseminate truths no matter how blasphemous or heretical these truths might seem, and to empower all receptive souls to reclaim their divinity.

As we proceed in this exploration, it seems important to note that the majority of humanity’s belief systems have acknowledged the existence of other worlds or domains inhabited by creator beings and/or extraterrestrials. In fact, although these concepts exist arbitrarily for science, they’ve existed for Earth humans for millennium.

This acknowledgment is not predicated upon scientific supposition or religious dogma, because ancient people didn’t need religious or scientific validation to prove the existence of the unseen realms, extraterrestrial worlds and dimensional beings. Their proof is evident in the accounts of their direct experience with creator gods and what is commonly referred to as extraterrestrial visitors. Ancient tribal cultures recorded their experiences in hieroglyphs, petroglyphs, and pictographs and via oral accounts. Some of the information about their interactions with these beings is literal and some encoded, and because these ancient ancestors were technologically underdeveloped, beings that descended from space, or from clouds of smoke or fire were perceived as gods.

Ancient records, including many of the sacred texts mentioned above (like the Judeo-Christian Bible) contain accounts of beings that were perceived as superior, and therefore, proclaimed gods. In addition, many secular and some scientific works contain information about the connection between the human genetics of Earth’s inhabitants and those of otherworldly beings or visitors. However many of these records have also been withheld or distorted.

Archaeologists and linguists have discovered numerous artifacts and historical relics, recovered copious records and have succeeded in translating ancient languages over the past 200 years related to the origins of Homo Sapiens. Many feel, including me, that modern scientific assertions are catching up with ancient knowledge, resulting in a rediscovery of that which has been lost, hidden, disregarded or distorted. In fact, some researchers now feel that the Hebrew Scriptures (the Old Testament of the Bible) historically depict accurate accounts of flourishing, advanced civilizations.

Some of the beings that have contributed to Earth’s sacred, revelatory texts, inspiring the ensuing religions and spiritual systems, have also influenced facets of human development on Earth through their contribution to the genetics of Earth’s inhabitants. Some of these beings operate with a desire to empower and gently encourage Earth inhabitants and others operate with interfering motives. Consequently, some contributions have benefited Earth humans, while other contributions have altered or diminished human consciousness and evolution.

An Incarnational Experience

Any covenants we have with any and all Gods and Goddesses, Ascended Masters, Hosts of Heaven, Lords of Karma and Ancestors whose agenda includes designing a scenario whereby we arrive in an incarnational experience:

  • Unable to remember the truth about our celestial origin
  • Clueless about what we came here to do,
  • Programmed to forget…

…And whose intent is to keep us ignorant, distracted and divided as a way of hindering both our individual and collective spiritual evolution must be dissolved.

We must take responsibility for the fact that a substantial amount of core truths about humanity have been shrouded in a conspiratorial mystery, and this includes the veil that cloaks our conscious knowing and dilutes our desire for self-sourcing and co-creative spiritual freedom. In addition, as we courageously reclaim our identity as co-creators and embody our self-sovereign spiritual adulthood, it is essential that we comprehend that although many of the beings referenced in this writing might have initially been capable of functioning from a place of honor, compassion and service, over eons they have become addictively dependent upon our need of them as intermediaries. We have the right and responsibility to scrutinize the nature and purpose of any and all beings with whom we confer, whether we’ve come to know them as Guardians, Guides or Gods/Goddesses.

Our Dependence
It is time for us to accept that our dependence upon and deference to these beings and our compliance with their agendas fuels the matrix that not only governs the design and framework of Earth’s political and social systems, economic constructs, religious doctrines and many aspects of New Age spiritual systems, but also the larger context that exists in all dimensions emanating from the Earth. Our dependence on any being, outside of our direct connection to the Source, our own Essence Self (aka/our Higher Self, Macrocosmic Self, Oversoul) and our genuine Celestial Council, is forestalling our graduation to spiritual adulthood.

In installment six of this seven-part series, I will offer more detailed information about our genuine Celestial Council.

It is vital that we embrace that the veritable certainty of various beings involvement in the genetics of Earth humans does not alter the truth of our origins nor negate our intrinsic connection to Source, but rather implies that concepts promoted either by religion or science need to expand to accommodate a greater creation dynamic. Whatever the origins of our current incarnational genetic format, it is our intrinsic co-creative consciousness that is our indisputable and untainted spiritual asset.

While part six of this series will contain specific suggestions about how to fully dismantle the matrix and live a life of self-sovereignty, spiritual freedom and glory, in preparation I heartily recommend that each of us do our part to contribute to mending all rifts by activating our encoded knowledge of our cosmic origins, the nature of divinity and the origins of earth life so that all the threads in the tapestry of truth can be illuminated.

Indeed it is time, after eons of forgetting and believing it is our nature to forget, to halt this pattern by remembering.

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MariAngela Landau
Mariangela Pino Landau is a medium, mystic, metaphysical minister, ritual and ceremonial facilitator, poet and the author of Spiritual Adulthood®. Mariangela believes that authenticity is the highest spiritual principle and the cornerstone of our humanity and self-examination is the main ingredient of enlightenment. She is the founder of The Center for True North, LLC, an organization fostering spiritual freedom and authenticity, www.TheCenterforTrueNorth.com


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