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Question: There are a lot of prophecies being explored and discussed in different spiritual circles, particularly as 2012 approaches. Are prophecies more or less certain to occur?
The time to consider prophecy is most certainly at hand. However, just as there are distortions of truth currently being perpetuated in many secular and spiritual belief systems, these distortions can most certainly be found in various prophetic texts. Indeed, some of the texts that prophesise catastrophes, destruction, pole shifts, chemical annihilation, alien invasions and the day of reckoning are deliberately encoded to trigger layers of fear, dread, panic and aggression in order to gain more and more compliance and control over the masses. Therefore, I encourage each of us to consider prophetic texts from the platform of our individual spiritual adulthood so that we can sift through what is being offered to discern what resonates as revelation and what resonates as propaganda.

In addition, let’s consider, as just one example, that Nostradamus was the product of the religious fanaticism of 500 years ago and consequently devised methods of obscuring the informational insights in his prophetic writings. Therefore, comprehending his messages requires a great deal of scholarly mystical skill to decipher the hidden meaning.

Regardless of whether a prophetic text heralds data like the instability of the Middle East, Russia’s military aggression, pervasive terrorism, a volatile world economy, World War III, calamitous weather changes or a pole shift, these possibilities are invitations that stir us to awaken, to open our hearts, to expand our consciousness, adjust our compasses and risk change. The prophet’s informational insights are a summons to action, and it is up to each of us to determine whether the actions we take bring fleeting change or become the seeds of unequivocal new beginnings.

Question: If certain things that are being prophesied do not occur on or around 2012, what does that mean about a prophet’s reliability?
There is a tendency to overlook or reject the validity of prophetic messages because of a variety of highly publicized critical sources broadcasting how many previously predicted “calamitous” events have not come to pass. However, this is not the highest manner in which to measure the accuracy of prophecy. A prophet’s purpose is not just to issue warnings, forecast cataclysm or propose rescue plans. Prophecy isn’t an exact science of fortune telling or event prediction. With many prophecies, there is a universal principle operating that asserts that what might happen and can happen depend a great deal on the thoughts, feelings and actions of the co-creative participants.

Because of our co-creative participation, nothing is a foregone conclusion. Therefore, if what has been or is being prophesied did not or does not occur, it is because the reality creating participants (us) changed the probability lines. Consequently, we have no grounds upon which to deem the prophecy or the Prophet false. This is reinforced by the words of St. Germain: “…Prophecy is not set in stone…if we respond to the prophets’ warnings and apply the spiritual solutions placed before us, calamity can be averted.”

I wholeheartedly invite each of us to heed the words of Ranier Maria Rilke who reminds us that “the future is not something that will happen or must happen…it is not engraved or predestined…rather the future enters into us in order to transform itself in us long before it happens.”

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