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    Did you know you have – and need – a sandbox? What’s a sandbox? It’s your comfort zone. So, why and when should you step out of yours? My advice: Get “unstuck,” leave your security and move into your dream life.

    Six steps are all it takes to smash barriers so you finally break free of self-limiting beliefs:

    • Embracing aloneness
    • Loving “quirky”
    • Reaching crossroads
    • Surmounting obstacles
    • Building bridges
    • Living with true passion

    Could you get excited about no longer being chained to your sandbox and instead living with zest each day? You can! Here’s my formula for success:

    1. Accepting Yourself. A sanctuary in your imagination and an actual retreat carved out in your home, your sandbox supports your right to alone time. Daily renewal anchors your unshakeable individuality. How great would it be to embrace your uniqueness – including even your foibles?
    2. Mastering Your Growth Edge. When your oasis gets too cozy, you must open to new possibilities. Your sandbox has become a self-created jail. Demons like doubt, fear and anxiety will raise their ugly heads. You created them and have the power to dismantle them. If you don’t, you’ll die with the music still inside. That can’t happen!
    3. Living Passionately. Once you leave behind your old security blanket, you’re up for higher challenges. All those potholes sidestepped, you heal into wholeness and build bridges to different sandboxes. You fully reclaim your Essence, and deliberately shout a resounding “yes” to life itself! Bring it on!

    In my new book, Step Out of Your Sandbox! I inspire you to think about:

    • Growing interest in self-development. Those of us bringing a different way-of-being to the world are finding encouragement in a growing critical mass of people who equally seek to be all they can be.
    • How interconnected we are. In its biggest-picture sense, every individual who steps out of their own sandbox impacts the planet. Our collective increase in human consciousness depends upon everyone doing their part.
    • Life as a journey. Stepping out of your sandbox is a process. It cannot be rushed or curtailed.
    • The need for transformation of outmoded structures and ways of thinking. No matter one’s personal political, religious or cultural beliefs, many can agree there is significant turmoil/transition on Earth requiring transformative thinking.

    My fervent wish for people is that they find the courage to believe unconditionally in who they really are.

    Please don’t become like those who approach me during or after workshops to share how marginalized they’ve felt their whole lives. It breaks my heart. This isn’t the way things “need” to be. More urgently than you could ever envision, I want you to “get” within your cells that you possess unlimited power to manifest all your dreams. Claim your individuality – not what anyone else says you “should” be! Gain from my traumas the conviction to stand up for your self!



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