Stepping Out


We create our reality through our conscious and subconscious thoughts. There are times when many of us live in blame, fear and doubt, uncertain how to change our realities and our lives. What we are doing as a society is avoiding our internal discomfort, unhappiness, dissatisfaction and procrastination and attempting to replace it with external comforts (see Contingency, June 2010). We buy expensive wardrobes, cars and houses. We move at a rapid pace, multitasking and choosing to be continually distracted in our lives with cell phones, music and television. We over-consume food, alcohol, drugs and material possessions.

How can we alter our current reality and step up to the plate? How can we move the focal point of our lives from external physical comfort to internal mental peace? And once we find that internal peace, how can we maintain it?

The biggest step we can take is to slow down and get conscious. Tune out any distractions. Breathe. Relax. Let go of your stress. Clear your mind. Release your tension. Take time throughout your day to shut out the world and connect to nature and your depth. Take time to transition between activities. Take time to enjoy who you are and what you love. And as you begin to learn what you love, learn to love yourself. Get to know your deepest self. Listen to your inherent knowledge. Listen to nature.

You create your reality. If your life is too busy, you are the only one who can slow it down. Eliminate unnecessary activities. Stop creating distractions.

As you begin to slow down your life and minimize distractions, you will hone in on what it is you really want to create in your life and in your world.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do I love to do?
  • What brings me joy?
  • What do I need to do to release any self-sabotaging patterns in my life so that I can honor a life of continual joy?
  • What is one specific way I can do this right now?

Before you finish reading the rest of this article, answer those four questions. Get a pen and paper. Write down your most sincere answers. You will gain very little from the next several paragraphs if your only goal is to finish reading this article. Reading is a passive activity. You are not stepping up to the plate by being passive. If you really want to step up, stop reading and start writing.

Pay particular attention to your last answer. What can you do right now to live a life of ultimate joy?

Can you do it? How will you do it?

This may be the point where your fear will erupt and your inner critic will tell you how ridiculous you and your ideas are. This is the point that you tell your fear and your critic to shut up. Shed all fear and all doubt right now. Neither is conducive to a life of joy. They do not serve you in any manner. Throw your fear to the curb and take action. Make a commitment here and now to be consistent in that one action that will free you from stuck, unfulfilling patterns that have kept you from joy and that will now open the channel to a life of joy.

Live with passion.

Make today your day to move toward your ideal reality. Make your move toward continual internal peace. Stop complaining. Stop waiting. Stop talking yourself out of your dreams.

Step up to the plate.

Move deliberately and with awareness. Notice signs. Follow your intuition.

But do not procrastinate. It’s time to step out and begin a new journey in life.

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