The Pleiadian Initiations: The Edge Interview with Christine Day

One would never had given any hope for Christine Day, a young child who was born into a family of satanic cultists in Australia, used by the cult for their own purposes until she became a teen and was no longer considered innocent enough for cult activities.

It is no wonder, then, that she never considered Australia her home. It was a traumatic childhood, and a traumatic adulthood – diagnosed with systemic lupus and given a short time to live – that were her memories there. She found herself backed up against a door with nowhere to turn, except to herself. And that is what she did. She took control of her destiny. She began to utilize bodywork and nutritional counseling, and then she began to meditate.

Guided by what she describes as “a peaceful presence,” she was led to heal herself with a complete healing process that came to her in just seconds. “It was as though a whole new part of me had been born in those two to three seconds,” she writes in her new book, Pleiadian Initiations of Light (New Page Books). “I sat stunned for some time, feeling me and this new part of me. I would describe it as energy and love, and something good, wholesome, and very, very real.”

And then her life completely changed. She healed her young son who suffered from complex health problems. Her marriage crumbled as she became a new person. And then she came face to face with alien beings who hail from the star system Pleiades and, while initially stunned, she integrated their messages, was reminded of her own Pleiadian heritage and never looked back.

The following is the first of a two-part interview with Christine Day, who spoke with The Edge about her personal transformation, the challenge of transition that faces each of us, and her three-day Pleiadian Seminar that will be launched in Minneapolis at the end of July.

My first connection with the Pleiadians came in 1992 with Barbara Marciniak’s book, Bringers of the Dawn. Can you give us a kind of an idea of what role the Pleiadians have been doing on earth since then?
Christine Day:
Yes, absolutely. The main work they are doing right now is to assist us with working with the dimensional shifts that are happening here on the planet. They are really here to help with the Earth’s transition, from a third-dimensional planet to one that is of the fourth and fifth dimension, that is taking place. We have been talking about these dimensional shifts coming, but they have actually begun.

So the Pleiadians are opening up and anchoring grid lines on the Earth to assist with the transition, but most importantly they have anchored what they call the self-healing prophecy energy onto the planet to assist us in the transition, in our personal transition from moving from a third dimensional reality into a fourth, fifth dimensional reality with the planet. We are birthing with the Earth. This self-healing prophecy energy is lifting the veils and opening up a grace period for us to awaken at an accelerated rate, really being able to let go of the illusions on this planet, the illusions about ourselves, and assisting us in birthing ourselves more completely into an expanded awareness.

It is said that we create our own reality, so collectively are the human beings and the Earth creating this for ourselves?
Absolutely! We all agreed to be here on the planet at this time to go through this shift together and to move into more of a collective consciousness, not only with each other as human beings, but with the spiritual realms and the universal consciousness. We have committed ourselves to evolve and go through this shift of consciousness.

For those who are unaware, who are the Pleiadians? How did you first connect with them? What do they look like and what dimension they are operating from?
They operate from a fifth dimensional space, which is an unconditional loving space, so they have evolved as a race.

I had my first conscious contact with them around 1996. They had been working with me before that time, but I don’t think I was personally ready or evolved enough to be able to deal with the direct contact until then, and so they waited until I was ready to be able to process a direct contact with them.

What happened at that time was that I had just been walking in nature and I turned a corner into an open meadow and there was this huge ship. They came out of the ship and gathered around me energetically, for me to have a direct remembrance of my commitment to work with them as a part of my mission here on this earth plane in this lifetime, a reminder that I have a Pleiadian aspect to myself.

I came into full remembrance of that at that time, and they spent a long time with me talking about my mission and what they were here to do. I was to act as an ambassador for them on this planet, helping them understand the human aspect and also helping human beings to understand their aspect, so I work with them. They bring in initiations for human beings. Many of my students throughout the world work with them directly. There is a gathering of them with us, the human race. They work with us – through me in my humanness – and they have learned what we need as human beings for them to be able to work effectively with us in these initiations, so they appeared to me.

They are human in form on one level, but they vibrate at a rate making them appear as a brilliant light form, very tall and thin, but in a kind of human form.

My connection with them since that time of my first connection has been on a daily basis, so I am very connected with them, very linked up with them on a permanent basis since that time, very consciously.

Primarily from a telepathic standpoint?
Always telepathic, but very much physically, as well. There is the constant connection where they have been initiating me very strongly over the years, and I have come into a very high level of awakening from that. I have actually aligned with my own Pleiadian aspect in this physical body. It took six years for me to integrate that fully. They continue to feed me understanding and knowledge, so I have really birthed back into a lot of my own aspect of myself, my higher level of myself. So it is a very deep personal connection that I have with them, as well as the working relationship that I have with them.

I’m guessing that your first experience with them was a pretty powerful one. What were you feeling at the time?
It was pretty shocking, to be honest. What had happened was that I had been diagnosed with systemic lupus and was given a very short time to live. At that time, I had what I call a spiritual awakening. I thought it was God and Spirit that had healed me. Up to the time of meeting the Pleiadians, I was working with God. I felt this incredible loving energy that was working with me and through me.

At the time of meeting the Pleiadians I did not believe in aliens or space ships. It was something I really just did not believe in. So when I was faced with this truth – and this direct experience with them, which was so intense and so full on that I could not deny it – I was really put into a spiral of high distress, because I was filled with such a light that I don’t even remember getting home that day after being with them. I found myself lying in bed, and for two months I was just filled with this harsh, brilliant light. I had no sense of myself, no sense of my physical form. I couldn’t feel the sun on me, the wind on me. I was in this energetic space, and at the same time I was very distressed trying to come to terms with this Pleiadian connection and my mission and God and Spirit.

I really didn’t want it, but there it was. It was about six weeks into that that I was visited by this group of angels that actually spoke to me and shared with me that the Pleiadians are part of the Oneness, the loving aspect, the collective consciousness, and there was no separation between God and Spirit and them and me. I was given this understanding of a Oneness, and that put me to rest and help me go through an adjustment period where I could actually start opening up to the truth of that. It helped a lot. Once I moved out of this whole energy spiral that I was in, this brilliance, this light, I came back to more of a normal aspect of myself where I could walk in the world and feel my body again and become Christine and come to terms with the truth of what I had been given. Gradually, I moved into the awakening process in a much more relaxed way, but it was very distressing and difficult to begin with.

I’m guessing that that high level of fear that we see on the planet now is to be expected during this time of transition from the third dimension to the fifth?
Absolutely! It is something that comes in hand. But what the Pleiadians with whom I working – and a lot of the messages in the channeled work that I am doing – say is that they want us to understand how fear works through us as a human being and how to transfer our knee-jerk reaction to fear, how to change the way we meet fear, and to utilize it more in a positive way. They are asking us to change, to look at the perception of what fear is for us in our world, and how to shift our reactions to fear. They want us to see that it is just a feeling, that it cannot hurt us to learn to feel the fear, but keep moving forward and working with fear in a different way. It can serve us rather than stop us and hold us in a contracted way.

With fear, we contract our hearts, and much of the work they are doing now involves asking us to learn not to contract our hearts as we feel the fear, but to open our hearts towards the fear and learn that it really cannot hurt us. They say we can live differently with that fear by working with it to come to a different place with the fear. I think that is a very important part of the transition that is coming, and they are bringing a new understanding of this transition.

You see, there have been a lot of messages around this change that is coming, and a lot of the messages are very fear based. The Pleiadians are seeing this not as something that we have to be afraid of, but something that we have to move with as we go along. I love the level of understanding they are bringing around this shift that is coming, around the changing times.

It is a birth and a transition, but it does not have to be anything to be afraid of. This deeper understanding that they are bringing helps people understand the full picture of the transition itself. People can then feel more knowing that the fear can drop away, that they can personally start taking – not control – but part in that transition. Your personal transition can be something that you work with in an alignment with the Earth, not in a fear-based way.

2012 has been described as a significant time period in terms of this transition. Can you describe in kind of a bigger way what is taking place within the planet right now?
Yes, I actually can. The Pleiadians have just recently given me more of an understanding so I am able to put this into words to pass onto everybody here. First of all, it involves all of the earthquakes we have been having, as well as the volcanic activity up in Iceland.

I don’t see anyone connecting all of these earthquakes together.
Many of them don’t understand what is going on, which is fine, but the Pleiadians talk about it as the beginning of the changes. We have talked about the earth changes coming. They are here, and this is the beginning of the earth shifts.

With every earthquake we have had, there is a dimensional shift taking place. The Pleiadians gave me a picture, as they sometimes do to describe things because it helps us as a human race to have a picture. The picture related to earthquakes is this: If you liken it to a sunrise, then every time there is an earthquake anywhere on this earth plane – or volcanic activity – it is like the sun rises and there is a ray of light or a dimensional opening that is taking place within our earth.

This is the beginning of the changing times, the dimensional shift, for us from a third-dimensional planet to a fourth-dimensional planet. So when we have an earthquake, that shift takes place. It’s like the sun rises a little more and another ray of light comes onto our earth plane. That ray of light brings an element of the fourth dimension and anchors it onto our planet. When that happens, it is also affecting us in our physical bodies. It is creating an energetic shift through our energetic bodies. It affects our emotional body and our mental body. Our whole spiritual energy begins to change, affecting us down to the cells inside our bodies.

The Earth is birthing. As the Earth shifts, from a third dimensional to a fourth dimensional energy in a slight way from each earthquake, we are also birthing in our own bodies – and that is creating quite a lot of upheaval inside ourselves. It is shaking up what is going on in our cells. Emotions are in our cells, and so too are the denser emotions, like fear and everything we have held in our bodies, for lifetimes actually.

Every time we feel like something it is too much, we hold our breath, we don’t deal with it, and it locks in our our organs and in our bodies. So as this dimensional shift opens and it hits our cells every time there is an earthquake, every time there is volcanic activity, it is like we start to shake inside. It is like things begin to get loosened. These denser emotions that are in our bodies start to shake.

What it is creating for everybody is an increase in the fear that is locked in our bodies, an increase in not being able to think straight. We feel like something is happening, but we don’t know what it is. Perhaps we feel anxiety, so we don’t perceive things the same way. It’s all part of the dimensional shift that is starting to occur here.

The Pleiadians have created, and they have transmitted through me, what I call transmissions – energetic transmissions that I recorded and have posted free online so people can listen to them. These energetic transmissions help the physical body to align with the dimensional shift that is taking place. Every time there is an earthquake, we have the continued birthing of the Earth – and the birthing of cells is part of this transition. The transmissions on the website help the cells integrate that shift so they start to align with this new dimensional energy that is birthing on our planet.

This is the beginning of what is taking place. This is going to increase through to the end of 2012, and by the end of 2012, the first phase of the dimensional shift will be completed. With these dimensional shifts that have been taking place, there is going to be more earthquake activity and more volcanic activity. We are going to go through a quickening phase of this transition from third dimension to fourth dimension so that the veil will be lifted. The way it is going to transform is that we are going to transform in our consciousness. There will be no more fear. We will start to open up and be connected, interconnected, not only with each other as a human race, but within the universal consciousness.

This is how the Pleiadians have described the changes to me, and part of their role here is to anchor these transmissions so we can start to open up to them, start to align with the birth and navigate through this transition much more smoothly. For those of us who are willing to be part of that and do it in a conscious way,  the fear will not be there. Each one of us can say, “Okay, I’m going to be part of this change. I am going to listen to these transmissions. I am going to take a conscious part in my change, in my transformation,” And, as we do that, consciously we are going to be more connected to the earth, to the natural forces, and align with these changes in a much more conscious way.

That is part of what the Pleiadians are showing me. They are giving me these transmissions, and they are saying there will be more of them that come to assist human being so we can be a conscious part of these earth changes.

In the audio CDs that come with your book, there is some language that sounds familiar to what I have heard from other channelers. Is that Pleiadian language, and what effect does our hearing that language and the toning on the CDs have on our transformation?
It has a very big effect. The tones themselves help break up the blocks we have in our bodies, where we have our ego/mind barriers in our bodies. It helps to break that up and assist us in our awakening. The language itself speaks directly to the soul essence of each one of us and helps bring that soul essence forward so we start to begin to align to our sacredness, to our natural spiritual nature, our divine essence.

How do the initiations in the book relate to your three-day seminar that you will be offering at the end of July here in Minnesota?
The Pleiadian seminar is actually the first time that I open up the crystal vortexes. I spend four to five months a year in Brazil, so we have these 90-pound crystals that are set up in a geometrical form. The Pleiadians move through me and actually move the crystals, opening up dimensional spaces for people to begin to align with these higher level, these higher dimensional aspects of their own light, where they begin to awaken and align to themselves. This process accelerates their awakening process.

So in the seminar we are going to be working with these crystal vortexes. We are also going to be working with the sacred geometrical forms, allowing people to reconnect to aspects of their personal power that they are ready to open up to. There will be a collective experience involving those at the seminar, but also a very individual awakening experience – so it is very powerful.

There will be energetic gridlines with the Pleiadians. We have to come in and work very closely with people who decide to come to the seminar, but the grid also allows for the spiritual realms. I work very closely with Mary and Jesus and a lot of the other light beings and the angels, and these angelic realms and the spiritual realms will be able to come in and work very closely with people in the room.

It is going to be a very beautiful process. I will also be channeling with the Pleiadians and answering questions for people who want to know more, so personal questions will be answered. So there will be dialogue time from the Pleiadians, and there will also be initiations that we will be working with through the vortexes in this three-day Pleiadian seminar. I find it very exciting, because it is the very first one that we are doing. The Pleiadians say that we are ready. It is a good sign that we, as a general public, are ready for them to offer this crystal vortex energy to anyone who feels ready to receive it. It is going to be very beautiful.

Not everybody is going to pick up your book and go through these initiations.
No, of course not. And, there are many ways of transitioning. There is never one path, Tim, never one road for awakening. I believe this is one way, and the Pleiadians are here to call people who have an opening towards them, but there are many masters. I work with Jesus a lot, and I work with Him and He has transformed me. He has played a huge role in my transformation, and he brings in a lot of information also for people to awaken, ready for the earth changes. And the same with Mother Mary. I have many conscious experiences with her and she has taught me so much about love and understanding, and I pass those things on to my students. I do large group transitions where there may be 2,000 to 3,000 people and yes, I bring in the transmissions from the Pleiadians, but I also bring in the words of Mary and Jesus, and it touches many people. So there is never one way.

You can look at a flower unfolding in the sun and be awakened. The natural forces are awakening us, and with the Earth changes, our connection to the natural forces are going to expand. We are going to become more connected to the spiritual energies of the trees and the sun and the wind. The wind can awaken anyone at any moment. There are so many energies and opportunities out there for us to awaken and be touched, you know?

And these interactions with each other, you and I in this moment, we can connect and we can awaken and connect with each other. So it is beautiful what is happening. I see that, I feel it. It is not just the Pleiadians. It is everywhere, and with everyone we have an opportunity in a moment to touch and be with another person and really meet each other in one moment. They are the awakenings. As the Earth shifts when the earthquake happens, and as the dimensional shift happens, we have an opportunity to connect deeply to any one of those elements – and we awaken.

Our heart begins to awaken, and that’s what I see happening.

For more information on Christine Day and her book, Pleiadian Initiations of Light, visit


  1. I am a 28 year old black male that grew up in the fast in urban Nashville, TN, with every negative influence tugging at my mind, body, and spirit. To make a long story short i was not a positive person, because growing up in the environment that i did being positive, loving and friendly is considered a weakness, so i turn my heart to stone. But their was just a little piece of my heart that stayed soft, even in the mist of me committing crime there was always something inside of me saying “THIS ISN’T YOU” but i continued for the negative.I have always have my doubts about religion , and i have my reasons, but about 5 years ago i stopped believing not just about God but life in general, politics, churches, so called messengers of Christ I even distant myself from family and became a very shallow individual. About a year ago i got the overwhelming sensation to search for the truth about 9/11/01 which led to the illuminati, and then led to u.f.o s and now currently has lead me were i am today. I’ve been listening to Alajae and meditating with his transmissions, never had i had such an overwhelming feeling and connection to a complete stranger and desire to change my life! I truly believe this is the truth and have been sharing it with others and want to be a voice to the urban community. But i am ashamed to say that i fight with addition to cigarettes and prescription medication, is there still hope for me, or are my actions in vain? If you could help me help myself in any way possible, my eyes, ears, and heart are open to receive love light and wisdom. thank you sincerely: another lost soul

  2. So powerful! Giving of yourself raises you up along with those who’s lives you touch. When you give and expect nothing in return you reach a point where any problems that you may have no longer carry the weight that they once did. And when your load is lighter…so is your spirit!


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