Veterans sought for brainwave study


Neuro Strength LLC and Mind Symmetry are seeking male Iraq and Afghanistan veterans to participate in a study on the effectiveness of Brainwave Optimization with RTBâ„¢ (Real Time Balancing) to ease post traumatic stress, depression and anxiety.

Brainwave Optimization with RTBâ„¢ is a non-invasive technology that creates balance and harmony in the brain, which can result in greater balance physically and emotionally. For the study, each subject will complete mental health inventories before and after training, have an individualized brain assessment, and complete 12 two-hour training sessions. All activities will take place at the Bloomington, MN, office of Neuro Strength, beginning in this summer. The Neuro Strength Veterans Study is privately funded, so veterans receive training for free.

During training, clients listen to their brainwaves translated into sound waves, allowing the brain to naturally change and create new neural pathways based on this observation. This is not a talk therapy process. More than 25,000 clients have experienced Brainwave Optimization with RTBâ„¢, including more than 400 veterans, but this is the first study that focuses on recently returned veterans. It is currently being used in a research hospital of the Department of Defense.

“I have been sleeping much better, I find myself not becoming angry and/or staying angry or upset for long periods of time,” one veteran said, three weeks after this training. “I have much more patience with my wife and our relationship has improved because of it. I would say that my PTSD symptoms have dramatically decreased. Anxiety, depression, feelings of separation and isolation have decreased, as well. I recently went out with some friends and was able to control my alcohol intake and not become belligerent or black out. I thoroughly enjoyed [the sessions].”

Neuro Strength, LLC and Mind Symmetry offer Brainwave Optimization with RTBâ„¢ to clients throughout the Twin Cities area. They are two of more than 130 affiliate offices of Brain State Technologiesâ„¢ [], and each has been in operation since 2007. Veterans interested in the Neuro Strength Veterans Study can apply by calling 952.888.0011. Those who want to use the technology but do not want to participate in the study are eligible for a reduced training rate, and can call the same number to make arrangements. More information is online at

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