What would Love Say?


Each month, this column features a “Message from Love” with an action step and meditation. Each message gives examples of what Love might say and do in various circumstances. So, whenever you find yourself feeling scared, angry or uncomfortable, instead of letting fear have its way, practice asking yourself:

What would Love Say?
Rather than question yourself or someone else for doing something you perceive as wrong, try holding the action with love.

What would Love do?
Let go of your need to judge. Hold what is. Watch how things transform.

Meditation for Love:
Sit in a quiet space and light a candle. Place your hand against your heart and close your eyes. For ten minutes, focus on feeling the light of Love breathing into your heart. Allow yourself to be just as you are. Allow others to be just as they are. Send Love to the parts of you and others that you judge. Let Love dissolve these places of fear.



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