Chiropractic: What it is and how it works


I am a chiropractor and I own a chiropractic wellness and true health center. I have decided to write a short explanation of the chiropractic health philosophy. Chiropractic doctors have great success with helping people become and remain healthy.

Chiropractic revolves around a vitalistic, holistic and natural approach to life and health that uses the body’s natural ability to self-heal and self-regulate. This philosophy means that the body already has everything it needs to grow, heal and prosper in any environment. The body is meant to be healthy, not sick. Chiropractic focuses on maintaining actual health and bringing people back to health by treating causes, not symptoms. Chiropractic also focuses on being healthy and staying healthy by eating with real nutrition and exercising at your proper level.

We see the body’s great power in everyday life as it keeps the heart beating, digests food, grows hair (or not) , heals cuts, and does many other intelligent functions we don’t even know about. The body’s ability to do all this without our conscious assistance implies an amazing inborn intelligence.

Chiropractic assists this intelligence by clearing any interference from the spine and nervous system so the body can do its job perfectly (the way it is supposed to). In chiropractic, we relieve nerve and structural interference and Structural interference. Nerve interference is a very large component in dis-ease, and structural interference is the main factor in degeneration, such as arthritis. The brain is your main “computer.” It controls every one of your 70-100 trillion cells that make up all your organs, muscles and tissues. From the brain comes the spinal cord, which is the brain’s main “highway.” The spinal cord directs all information from the brain to the many nerves that come out of the spinal cord to the trillions of cells in your body.

If there is interference in the spinal segments or “joints” (called a subluxation) then the nerves aren’t conducting the brain’s messages to the rest of the body completely. This is why chiropractic care is a life-long preventative and maintenance practice.

Let’s say that a nerve going to your heart has 50 percent interference. This is like getting a phone call and you can only hear the other person talking half of the time (you may have experienced this). Just as you aren’t able to get the full message from the other person on the phone, the heart isn’t able to get all the information from the brain, so it can do its job fully and perfectly. I don’t know about you, but I feel uncomfortable with anything less than 100 percent because, just as in life, when communication is poor then things begin to go badly.

Getting your spine and nervous system checked and kept in proper function are essential to having great health and living the good life. Live well and feel good.

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Dr. Matt Mullaney
Dr. Matt Mullaney owns a health and wellness clinic in Minneapolis near Target Field in the North Loop warehouse district area called The Center for The Good Life. The focus is on all-around health - body, mind, and spirit. Good Eating, Good Moving, Good Thinking = The Good Life. A natural approach to caring for health is taken along with chiropractic adjustments. A heavy focus is on learning and applying real nutrition and great exercise. Dr. Mullaney offers classes on nutrition and personal development. Visit


  1. I have a friend who is a chirpractor and I used to get chiropractic work done three times a week. I think that the people who so often dismiss this kind of treatment do so foolishly. Certainly it doesn’t replace a traditional doctor, but a traditional doctor doesn’t replace this type of work either. It should be a combination of resources.

  2. Thank you very much Jon. What you said is something I try to communicate constantly. The only way to understand health and understand what helps you is to take the time to experience many different fields and practices as long as you take the time to do a little research so you know what you getting into. Chiropractic doctors are very good at preventative care and helping people get well and stay well. You definitely understand all this since you have had multiple experiences and I urge you to communicate this to others if you think it can help them. Thank you Jon.
    Live Well,
    Dr. Matt Mullaney

  3. A chiropractor absolutely makes you feel better. And science shows that the power of the mind is miraculous in healing people. If you feel better, your mind will help you heal better. end of story.

  4. Thanks for the description on how it works with a chiropractor. I think that it is a great service and it has helped my father through a lot of the back pain and issues he has had throughout the years. I hope that I don’t get to that point myself, but if I do inherit those back pain problems I know I will be in contact with a Chiropractor to get rid of the pain

  5. Thank you very much for you kind comments. In regards to your concern of having the same issues your father has, the best way to make sure you don’t get them is to be preventative. This is one thing I may not have conveyed, and that is that chiropractic(as with anything) gets it best usage out of prevention because it is a lot easier to prevent something then to treat it. Also, when things go bad (like pain, etc.) that means they have been around a long time and the issue has always been there but it is at such a bad point that symptoms start showing up and the damage has gone a very long way and your optimal health can only get so good because the dis-ease process was allowed to go so far. Symptoms show up very late in a dis-ease process and are therefore a terrible way to measure health and wellness. Here is an example: Is it easier to work out to maintain your weight or is it easier to not workout and wait until you get overweight to start working out. Of course it is easier to workout as a preventative measure to gaining weight and all the other issues that go along with it. Same is true for every aspect of your health including caring for your spine and frame.
    One problem we have in America is that many people view Healthcare as treating symptoms such as back pain, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc. These are not dis-eases in themselves, only symptoms of underlying causes, and the issue we are having is the caring for these symptoms is actually Sickcare and not Healthcare. Healthcare is prevention and caring for health; not simply dealing with big issues when they come along. Healthcare makes it so the big issues don’t show up (nor the little ones).
    The urge I am making here is prevention and healthcare instead of treatment and sickcare. I hope I have done well to outline the differences and importance of the differences.
    Live Well,
    Dr. Matt Mullaney

  6. Getting your spine and nervous system checked and kept in proper function are essential to having great health and living the good life. Live well and feel good.
    That last sentence pretty much sums it all up. I consider it a privilege to go to work each day and teach people how to live well and feel good.


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