Maintaining inner peace: Catlady-style


My three cats completely get me. They jump up for a snuggle when they know I feel sad and they engage me in games when they sense I’m in a playful mood. Another great thing about my cats is that they work very diligently to help this catlady maintain her inner peace and balance. Don’t believe it? Read on….

Midnight Yoga
My very thoughtful felines know that I probably don’t spend enough time on yoga, so they make sure that I receive a little extra while I am lying in bed at night. They position themselves in various spots on the bed, gently forcing me to bend and shift my body into various poses. Sometimes they even feel it is beneficial to move my head from the pillow. They won’t tell me why this is key, but they seem to know what they are doing, so I trust them. My husband isn’t invited to the midnight yoga sessions – they must not think he needs it. Again…they are the experts.

The pose that the kitties often favor is what I like to call the Angle Tangle. It’s sort of a variation of the Warrior pose, but at an angle, and on a bed, and with cats. Sometimes it is difficult for me to sleep while holding this pose, but I know the cats have my best interest in mind so I don’t disturb them. After a few hours of Angle Tangle, I sometimes ask permission to move to the living room and spend the rest of the night in the Full Sofa Recline pose.

Meow-and-Response Chanting
My cat Phoebe knows that I enjoy Kirtan call-and-response chanting. She engages me in her own form of call-and-response on a daily basis, especially at meal times.

Phoebe: Meow-ow-ow
Me: What is it, baby?
Phoebe: Meowwwwwww
Me: Do you want to play?
Phoebe: Meow-ow-ow-ow-ow-owwwwww
Me: Do you want Mama to hold you?
Phoebe: Meeeeeee-owwwwwwww
Me: Are you hungry?

Om Shanti to you too, Phoebe.

Purrfect Presence
My kitties know that I can always use a little help maintaining focus while meditating. With this in mind, they like to provide little distractions while I am enjoying my peaceful practice. They talk to me, attempting to divert my concentration. They climb all over my body, testing my ability to remain present. Sometimes they even create a disturbance by hacking up hairballs nearby. I cannot express my appreciation for their ceaseless dedication to challenging my ability to remain focused.

Yes, my cats definitely know what it takes to assist me with maintaining my daily inner peace. Where would I be without their diligence? Thanks to my four-legged spiritual coaches, I embrace each moment of each day with a happy heart and a peaceful cattitude.


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