Natures Recipe: Take Time to Connect


I have a favorite park near my home. It is very large with many beautiful trails that flow through prairie land, wooded areas, beautiful pines, and a natural apple orchid.

As I was walking alone one day through the park, I became aware of the trees – their beauty, their strength, and what seemed to me to be their wisdom. I stood there breathing in, seeming to breathe in their strength and vitality. It was as if I was able to feel their essence.

I felt so alive, invigorated, with a renewed sense of connection to the universe. Feeling grateful for the experience, I gave thanks and continued on my path.

Over the last couple of years I have been blessed with a cascade of experiences of connection, filling me with love, appreciation and gratitude for the moment. It has become a daily blessing and I give thanks for my connection.

As the earth continues to shift and our vortexes spin faster, I know that I am not the only one experiencing this deep sense of connection. Being of one body, one mind, one soul unites us all within the universe.

Life here on earth is full of so many wonderful opportunities…connecting with each being you come across, whether it is your fellow neighbor, mail person or cashier at the local grocery store, or stopping on your walk to connect with the trees, the sun, or looking into the eyes of your pet and feeling your connection with them.

Stop. Take time to connect with the moment you’re in. Feel your connection, and breathe it in. Appreciate your surroundings and those you share it with. You will feel full of love and life and have a deep sense of connection. For we are all one within the universe.

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Bonnie Flores
Bonnie Flores, owner of Holistic Healthy Healing, is a a certified master hypnotherapist, psychic, spiritual life coach, and energy healer. She believes in taking a holistic approach when helping others - treating the whole (mind, body, emotion, and spirit). She uses all of her abilities as a hypnotherapist, psychic, life coach and healer when working with others. She also teaches a multitude of different classes on self-hypnosis, energy work, self-healing techniques, and increasing your spiritual abilities. Visit


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